One of our subscribers writes us inquiring as to books on different horticultural subjects, and remarks that he "considers it short-sightedness in agricultural and horticultural book publishers that they advertise their publications only in journals devoted to the subject, and even there only to a limited extent." He says: "Many persons buy books treating on the subject-matter to which their whole attention for the time is devoted - as, for instance, one man on grape planting, etc.; another arranging his ornamental tree planting; and they, seeing no advertisement, do not know of any book being published on the subject. But if in the leading news journal of his section a single line of advertisement appeared, he would often purchase, because of its then coming before him, the same man perhaps having read the advertisement a dozen times previously without thought of ever needing its information".

[It is highly probable our correspondent is correct, and we therefore give his remarks that they may be considered by booksellers and publishers. We ourselves think the booksellers in leading towns and cities would find it to their interest were they to give more attention to keeping on hand and advertising all of the horticultural books. We often send books by mail, to order of persons living in large cities, but who write they can not find copies of the work in any of the bookstores.]