While, with a pardonable partiality, we would commend our own Magazine strongly to our friends, we are not insensible to the merits of others, and herewith append a list of the various Agricultural and Horticultural Periodicals of the day, in order that our readers may make themselves better acquainted with them, if so disposed. Any omission will be gladly supplied.

C. M. Saxtox, Barker & Co., 25 Park Row, New York, will receive subscriptions for any of them.

New York

This Cultivator, Albany; Luther Tucker & Son, Eds. and Pnbs.; John J. Thomas, Associate Ed. Monthly, 82 pages. 50 cents.

Gkxksee Farmer, Rochester; Joseph Ilarris, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, 82 pages. 60 cento.

American Agriculturist, New York; Orange Judd, Ed. and Pub, Monthly, 82 pagus. $•.

The HoticulturisT, New York; Peter B. Mead, Ed,; C\ H. Saxton, Barker & Co., Pubs. Monthly, 48 pages, octavo. $2; with colored plate, 15.

Working Farmer, New York; J. J. Mapcs, Ed. Chas. J. Mapes, Pnb. Monthly, 24 pagea, quarto. $1.

Moore's Rural New Yorker, Rochestor; D. P. T. Moore, Ed. and Pub. Weekly, 8 pages, large quarto, f 2.

COENTRY Gentleman, Albany; Luther Tucker & Son, Kds. and Pubs.; J. J. Thomas Associate Ed. Weekly, 16 pages, quarto. t2.

RURAL America, Utlca; T. B. Miner, Ed. and Pub. Weekly, 8 pages, quarto. $.5.

American Stock Journal, New York; D. C. Lins-ley, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $1.


Germantown Telegraph, Germantown; Philip R. Freas, Ed and Pub. Weekly. $2.

Gardener's Monthly, Philadelphia; Thomas Mee-han, Germantown, Ed. 16 pages, quarto. $ 1.

National Agriculturist, Pittsburgh; J. T. F. Wright, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, 8 pages, quarto. $1.

Farmer and Gardener, Philadelphia; A. M. Spangler, Ed. and Pro. Monthly, 16 pages, quarto, fcl.


Magazine or Horticulture, Boston; C. M. Hovey, Ed.; Hovey & Co., Pubs. 48 pages, octavo. $2.

Boston Cultivator, Boston; S. Howard and J. Ped-der, Ag. Eds.; Otis Brewer & Son, Pubs. Weekly, large quarto. $2.00.

Massachusetts PlougHman, Boston; W. & W. J. Buckminster, Eds. and Pubs. |2.

New England Farmer, Boston; Simon Brown Ag. Ed.; R.P. Eaton, Gen. Ed.; F. Holbrook, 11. F' French, Associate Eds.; Nourse, Eaton, & Tolman*

Pub*. $3. The New England Farmer, Monthly, 83 pages, octavo, $1.


Ohio Cultivator, Colun bus; 8. D. Harris, Ed. and Pub. Semi-monthly, 16 pages, octavo. $1.

Ohio Farmer, Cleveland; Thomas Brown, Ed. and Pub. Weekly, 8 pages, quarto. $2.

Ohio Vallet Farm re, Cincinnati; B. F. Sandford, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, 16 pages, quarto. $'.

The Cin cinnatus. College IUU: F. O Cary, J. A Warder, and W. H. Ouglcy, Eds. Monthly, -is pages, octavo. $2.

The Wool-Grower, Cleveland. Monthly, 8 pages, quarto. 60 cents.

American Ruralist, Springfield; J. B. Dodge, Ed. and Pub. Weekly, 8 pages, quarto. $2.


Maine Farmer, Augusta *, E. Holmes, Ed.; Iloman & Manley, Pubs. $1.75.

Rural Intelligencer, Gardiner; William A Drew, Ed.; A. D. Brock, Pub. $i.5i>.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Journal of Agriculture. Manchester; Z. Breed, We arc, Ag. Ed.; Gil more & Martin, Pnbs. $1.5 >.


Emery's Journal of Agriculture, and Prairie Far* mer, Chicago; U. D. Emery, C. D. Bragdon, and C. Kcnnicott, fcds.; Emery & Co., Pubs. Weekly, 16 pages, quarto. $2.

North-Westeen Prairie Farmer, Chicago; J. C. Meillll and Larlos Betts, Eds.; W. 8. Honnuld, Pub. Weekly, 16 pages, quarto $2.

The Illinois Farmer, Springfield; S. Francis, Ed.; Ballhache & Eaker, Pubs. Monthly, 16 pages. $1.


North Western and Horticultural Journal, Dubuque; Miller and Lombard, Eds.; Miller & Bray ton, Pubs. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $l.

Pioneer Farmer, Des Moines; W. 8. Simmons & Co., Eds. & Pubs. Semi-monthly. $1.


The Valley Farmer, St Louis; N. J. Colman, Ed. and Pub.; II. P. Byram, Travelling Ed., Louisville, Ky. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $1.

Farmer, Miner, and Mechanic, St Louis; P. R. Elliot, Ag. Ed.; Thomas & Schutz, Pubs. Semimonthly, folio. $1.


Kentucky Farmrr, Frankfort; A. G. Hodge, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, -6 pages, quarto. $1.


The Homestead, Hartford: William Cliff, T. S. Gold, H. A. Dyer, & M. C. Weld, Eds.; Geo. D. R and, Pub. 16 pages, quarto, weekly. $2.

New Jersey

New Jersey Farmrr, Trenton; David Naar, Ed. & Pub. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $1.


American Farmer, Baltimore; N. B. Wortblngton it Co., Eds. and Pubs. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $1.

Rural Register, Baltimore; 8. Sands & Mills, Pubs.


Southern Planter, Richmond; J. E. Williams ^Ed.; August & Williams, Pubs. Monthly, 61 pnges, 1 octavo. $2.

Southern Farmer, Petersburg; T. 8. Pleasants, Ed. Small folio, weekly. $1.

Virginia Farmer, Richmond; M. 8. Crocket, Ed. and Pub. Folio, weekly. $2.


Southern Cultivator, Augusta; D. Redmond A C. W. Howard, Eds.; W. S. Jones, Pub. Monthly, 412 pages. $1.

South Countryman, Marietta; C. W. Howard, Ed., Kingston; W. H. Hunt, Pub. Monthly, 82 pages. $:.

Soutusrn Field and Fireside, Augusta; D. Lee, W. W. Mann, and Win. N. White, Eds: J. Gadner, Pub. Weekly, flio. $2.


The Southern Rural Gentleman, Grenada; Dr. M. W. Philips, Ag. Ed.; J. S. Davis, Gen. Ed. and Proprietor. Weekly, 8 pages. $2.50.

North Carolina

North Carolina Planter, Raleigh; 8. W. West-brook, Hort, and W. II. Hamilton, Floriculture! Ed.; A-M. Gorman, Pub. Monthly. $1.

South Carolina

Tna Farmer and Planter, Columbia; W. Summer, Horticultural Ed.; R. M. Stokes, Proprietor. Monthly, 82 pages. $1.


Indiana Farmer, Indianapolis; J. M. Ray, Ed. * E. Wcllliouse & Co., Pubs. Weekly, folio. $1.

Indiana Farmer, Indianapolis: Monthly. Commenced in 1S52, now mado up from the weekly above noticed. 82 pages, $1.


Michigan Farmer, Detroit; R. F. Johnstone, Ed. and Pub. Weekly, 8 pages, quarto. $2.


North-Western Cultivator Madison; Powers & Hoyt, Eds. and Pubs. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $1.


Southern Homestead, Nashville; L. P. Williams & Co., Eds. and Pubs. Weekly, 6 pages, quarto. $2.


American Cotton Planter, Montgomery; N. B. Cloud, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, 82 pages, octavo. $1.

Alabama Planteb, Mobile.


Calipornia Farmer, San Francisco; Col. Warren, Ed. and Pub. Weekly, 8 pages, quarto, $5.

California Cultubibt, San Francisco; Wadsworth, Ed.; Wadsworth & Terrell, Pubs. Monthly,43 pages. $5.


Oregon Farmer, Portland; A. G. Walling, Ed.; W. R. Taylor < Co., Pubs. Monthly, .6 pages, quarto. $2.


Farmer's .Jouunal, and Transactions of the Board of Agriculture of Lower Canada, Montreal; in French and English; .'ames Anderson, English Ed.; J. Per-rault, French Ed.; De Moutigny A Co., Pubs. Monthly, 48 pages, octavo. (1.

Canadian Agriculturist, and Jonrnal and Trans-actious of the Board of Agriculture of Upper Canada, Toronto. Monthly, 43 pages, octavo. 50 cents.


The Nebraska Farmer, Brownville; R, W. Furnas, Ed. and Pub. Monthly, 16 pages. $1.