We take the following extracts from the Gardeners' Chronicle:

Roses (cut) were shown in abundance, and maintaining as they did their freshness and fragrance well, they formed, as they generally do in July, a highly attractive feature of the show. Collections of fifty varieties were produced by Messrs. Lank, Paul, Francis, Clarke, and Wilkinson, and of twenty-five varieties by Messrs. Terry, Evans, Rowland, Busby, Sage, Munro, Bucktrout, and Gair, Among the different exhibitions we remarked excellent blooms of Provins or Cabbage: Madame Henrietta, large rosy pink; Cristata, bright rose. Gallica: Bizarre Marbre, mottled crimson; Boule de Nanteuil, reddish crimson; Kean, brilliant carmine; grandissima, bright crimson; Latitie, mottled crimson; Shakspeare, shaded deep crimson; Triomphe de Jaussens, bright crimson. Alba; Duc de Luxembourg, white, with a blush center. Hybrid China: Brennus, bright carmine; General Jacquimot, large shaded lake; Lady Stuart, bluch. Hybrid Bourbon: Cheneclold, dark crimson; Comtesse Mole, pink; Comtesse de Lacepede, blush; Coupe de Hebe, pink; Great Western, red; Paul Perras, pink; Paul Ricaut deep carmine. Damask: Iemene, white; Madame Zoutman, creamy white.

Hybrid Perpetual: Amandine, pink; Baronne Hallez, fine crimson; Baronne Prevost, very large pink; Dr. Marx, rosy carmine; Caroline de Sausal, beautiful blush; Clementine Seringa, large shaded blush; Cornet, bright pink; Duchess of Sutherland, beautiful blush; Earl Talbot, deep rosy pink; Geant des Batailles; General Negrier, blush; Jacques Lafitte, pale carmine; Comte de Paris, pale crimson; Madame Trudeaux, beautiful carmine; Miss Pepin, large delicate pink; Queen, rose; Robin Hood, rosy pink; Soleil d'Austerliz. carmine; William Jesse, crimson, tinged with lilac; Comte Robrinsky, bright crimson. Bourbon: Souvenir de la Malmaison, creamy white, with a blush center; Acidalie, French white; Bouquet de Flore, rose; Souchet, deep crimson; Dnpetit Thouars, ditto; Leveson Gower, carmine; Paul Joseph, purplish crimson. Tea: Devoniensis, creamy white; Niphetos, pale lemon; Bougere, rose; Elise Sauvage, yellow; Saffranot, fawn. Noisette: Lamarque, pale lemon; Aimee Vibert; and Solfaterre, sulphur.

Messrs Lane showed boxfuls of Geant des Batailles and Paul Ricaut, both in beautiful condition, more especially the latter, which is one of the best Roses we have; Messrs. Paul had a seedling Moss which is distinct and promises to be an acquisition.