This group of plants is subdivided in the same way as are the two preceding groups, and consists only of those plants producing white flowers in sufficient quantity and size to be an effective element in the landscape planting.

Early-flowering sorts:

Azalea viscosa

Swamp Azalea Chionanthus virginica

White Fringe

Cornus (in variety) Dogwood

Crataegus (in variety) Thorn

Halesia Carolina Silver Bell

Lonicera morrowi Japanese Bush Honeysuckle

Lonicera tatarica alba

White Tartarian Honeysuckle Magnolia stellata

Starry Magnolia Prunus (in variety)


Spiraea arguta

Hybrid Snow Garland Spiraea vanhouttei

Van Houtte's Bridal Wreath Viburnum (in variety)

Viburnum b. Late spring and summer-flowering sorts:

Aesculus parviflora Dwarf Horse-chestnut

Cladrastis lutea Yellow-wood

Clethra alnifolia Sweet Pepper Bush

Deutzia (in variety) Deutzia

Hydrangea (in variety)

Hydrangea Ligustrum (in variety)


Philadelphus (in variety) Mock Orange

Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark

Plate XXIV

Plate XXIV. An interior view of a pleached allee eight years after transplanting. Note the spacing of the larger plants of the European cork maple at intervals of three feet, with "fillers" between each two of the larger trees. Compare with Plate No. XXVII on page 175 for the exterior view. Openings have been cut in the top of this allee to produce interesting spots of sunlight on the walk. (See page 146, group XVI-D-a, also frontispiece)

Plate XXV

Plate XXV. An excellent illustration of pleasing garden formality filled with boxwood hedges, as edgings for carpet plantings of Japanese spurge, and accented with specimens of California privet neatly trimmed in a pyramidal form to represent boxwood. (See pages 124 and 145, groups XII-B and XVI-B)

Rhododendron (white)

Rhododendron Rhodotypos kerrioides

White Kerria Robinia pseudacacia

Black Locust Rosa alba

White-flowered Rose Rosa lucida alba

White-flowered Glossy Rose

Rosa multiflora

Japanese Climbing Rose

Rosa spinosissima Scotch Rose

Sambucus canadensis American Elder

Sambucus racemosa Red-berried Elder

Spiraea prunifolia Bridal Wreath

Stewartia pentagyna Alleghany Stewartia