Early Royal George

Red Magdalen of Prince. A superior variety, of medium size, and rather globular form; skin yellow, with red cheek; flesh melting and delicious; in August. There are several varieties cultivated under this name, differently described.

Eastburn's Choice

Fruit large, nearly round; skin pale yellow, with a red blush; flesh yellowish white; juice exceedingly pleasant and sprightly; in September and October. The tree is represented as hardy, luxuriant and vigorous, by the Editor of Hoffy's Orchardists' Companion of Philadelphia, from whence this description is taken.

Emperor of Russia, Serrated Leaf, New Cut-Leaved Unique. The fruit of this species is deeply cleft, one half of it projecting considerably beyond the other; the skin is downy, of a brownish yellow and red colour; flesh melting; juice sweet and delicious; towards the end of August This sort was found by Mr. Floy, in New-Jersey, 1S09, and all the stones of this fruit are said to produce plants with jagged leaves.

George the Fourth

An excellent Peach, of medium size and globular shape; of pale yellow colour in the shade, and dark red next the sun; flesh yellow, but red at the stone, from which it separates; a fruit of very superior flavour when at maturity, which is early in September. It originated in the garden of Mr. Gill, Broad-street, New-York.

Green Nutmeg, Early Anne, Avant Blanche

This early variety is said to have originated in Berkshire, England. The fruit is small; its colour yellowish green; its pulp melting, juicy, of very pleasant flavour, and ripens in July and August. Murray's Early Anne is a variety raised from the seed of this. It is esteemed for its early maturity.

Grosse Mignonne, Veloutee de Merlet, Grimwood's Royal George, Large French Mignonne, Vineuse, according to Lindley; and the following syno-nymes are added by Kenrick: Belle Beaute, Smooth-leaved Royal Georget Royal Souverain, Pourpre de Normandie, Royal Kensington, Early Vineyard, Transparent, and Morris's Red Rareripe. One of the most beautiful and delicious varieties in cultivation. Fruit large, depressed, hollow at the summit, with a deepish sature; skin rather downy, of rich deep red, thickly mottled on a yellowish ground; flesh pale yellow, rayed with red at the stone; melting, juicy, and of a rich vinous flavour, when in perfection, which is early in September.

Heath Freestone, Kenrick's Heath

This variety was first obtained from the late General Heath, of Roxbury, near Boston. The fruit is very large, oblong and beautiful, frequently weighing half a pound; colour pale yellowish green, with crimson or violet next the sun; its flesh is melting, juicy, rich, vinous, and agreeably acid; ripens in September and October.

Hoffman's Pound, Morrison's Pound, Hoffman's Favourite. This fruit is by some called the Morrissania, from its having been first obtained by Mr. Floy from Governeur Morris; but it originated with Martin Hoffman, Esq., of New-York. The fruit is very large; skin brownish white and red; flesh yellow, firm, very juicy and delicious, parting from the stone; greatly esteemed from its ripening late in September and October.