Late Admirable, Royale, Royal, Bourdine

Teton dr. Venus of Prince and Dooming. Fruit large, roundish, inclining to oblong; sature deeply impressed along one side, having the flesh swelling boldly and equally on both sides, with a slight impression on the summit; skin downy, of pale green colour, streaked with dull tawny red; flesh white, delicate, melting, juicy and high flavoured; a magnificent Peach, ripening in September.

Malta, Peche Multe, Belle de Paris, Malte de Normandie, Italian Peach. Fruit above the medium size; colour pale yellowish green, marbled with purplish red; flesh yellow, juicy, rich, vinous, and of superior flavour; ripens at the end of August.

Madeleine de Courson, Madeleine Rouge, Rouge Paysanne, Red Magdalen. Royal George, and New Royal Charlotte of some collections. An excellent fruit, of large size; colour yellow and red; ripens at the end of August; flesh firm, white, but red at the stone; sugary and rich.

Monstrous Lemon, Largest Lemon

This variety was first discovered in the garden of Mr. Tiebout, now Union Place; the fruit is of the largest size, and in the gardens of two persons in New - York, has weighed seventeen ounces, as stated by Mr. Prince, who says that the tree requires a sheltered situation, and that the fruit is late in ripening; October.

Morris's Red Freestone, Red Rareripe

Grosse Mignonne, and Royal Kensington according to Prince. Fruit nearly round, of large size, apex a little sunken; skin greenish yellow, with red cheek; flesh delicious and melting; a first rate variety; ripe toward the end of August.

Morris's White Freestone, White Rareripe, Luscious While Rareripe, Philadelphia Freestone. Lady Ann Stewart of Downing and Prince. Fruit large, and inclining to the oval form, sature even, but not deep; apex a little sunken; skin white or rather yellowish; flesh white, juicy, rich and sweet; ripe in September.

Neil's Early Purple, Early Purple of Miller, Johnson's Purple Avant, Padley's Early Purple, Veritable Pourpree Hative, Peche du Vin. One of the most beautiful of Peaches, of medium size; skin yellow, but on the sunny side of a fine deep red and purplish colour; it ripens by the middle of August; flesh melting, juicy, with a rich vinous flavour; an excellent fruit.

New Royal Charlotte, Queen Charlotte, New Early Purple, Kew Early Purple. A delicious Peach, rather above medium size; skin pale greenish white, with deep red next the sun; flesh greenish white, rich and agreeable; ripe in August.

Noblesse, Mellish's Favourite

Vanguard of Prince and Winter. The tree is of a vigorous growth, and very productive; fruit large, somewhat oval, of a pale red colour, marbled with different shades; pulp juicy, rich, and melting when at maturity, which is in August and September.

President This variety originated at Bedford, on Long Island. It is a rich, melting juicy fruit, of large size, roundish, with a shallow sature; skin very downy, dull red next the sun. pale yellowish green in the shade; the surface covered with small red dots; a first rate Peach; ripe in September.