Prince's Late Yellow Freestone

A beautiful fruit, of a greenish yellow colour, tinged with red; flesh firm and rich. A partially ripe specimen of this variety was exhibited by Mr. Prince in the Horticultural room of the American Institute, October 24th. 1843.

Rareripe Yellow, Yellow and Red Rareripe, Red Velvet, Large Yellow Nutmeg. Murie Antoinette of some. This variety is large; skin yellow and red; flesh firm, rich and delicious, in August and September. It is considered one of the most valuable market varieties.

Red Cheek Malacatune

Hogg's Malacotan, Alberge Incomparable, Lady Gallutin, Probyn Peach. The fruit of this variety is of large size and oval form; its colour is yellow, with a red cheek on the sunny side; the flesh is also yellow, melting, rich, juicy, and luscious. There is another variety of this fruit, which originated with Mr. Polls, of New-York, said to be very productive, and of excellent quality; ripens in September.

Robinson Crusoe, Early Robinson Crusoe

Fruit large, round, and handsome; skin pale red, marbled with d ark red; flesh juicy, sweet, and delicious; ripe in September. The stone from which this variety was raised, by Dr. Coxe. of Philadelphia was brought by Lieutenant Coxe from the fur-famed Island of Alexander Selkirk, or Robinson Crusoe.

Smock Free, Smock's Freestone

An esteemed market variety, at Mid-dletown, New-Jersey, where it originated, in Mr. Smock's orchard. Some specimens of the fruit have measured twelve inches in circumference it is of oblong shape; skin pale yellow and dark red; flesh juicy, a little acid, nnd very palatable; in September and October.

Sweet Water, Early Sweet Water

American Nutmeg of Prince. This variety is said to have originated at Flushing; its form is round, and its colour whitish green, with a red blush at maturity, which is early in August. The flesh is very tender, melting, rich and juicy.

Teton de Venus

Royale of some collections. There are two or three varieties bearing this name; the fruit of the best variety is large, globular, of a pale yellowish green colour, marbled with red; flesh greenish yellow, but red at the stone; a delicious flavoured Peach; ripe in September.

Van Zandt's Superb

Waxen Rareripe. This variety originated with Mr. Van Zandt, of Flushing; its form is oval; its skin smooth, somewhat mottled, and of a beautiful waxen appearance; flesh melting, and of excellent flavour; in August and September.

Walter's Early

Fruit large; colour white in the shade, and red next the sun; flesh red, very juicy and delicious. It is considered one of the most productive and early Peaches cultivated at Middletown, New-Jersey, where it ripens about the middle of August.

Washington Peach, Boyce Peach, Washington Freestone. Early Rose of some. A first rate Peach; colour a pale yellow in the shade, but pale red next the sun; flesh very juicy and delicious; ripens toward the end of August. A peculiar trait in this Peach, is its rapid growth; it will, while ripening, in about ten days, nearly double its ordinary size; weighing over half a pound.

White Blossom, Willow Peach, Snow Peach, White Blossomed Incomparable. This variety originated on Long Island; the fruit is perfectly white, of an oval form and handsome appearance; the flesh is also white, melting, juicy and pleasant; it is much used for preserves when not over ripe and is at full maturity in September.

Yellow Admirable, Abricotee, Admirable Jaune, Peche d'Orange, Grout Jaune, Peche de Burai, Sandalie, Hermaphrodite, Apricot Peach.

The fruit of this variety is large; yellow while immature, but laved with red when ripe; flesh firm, yellow; flavour similar to the Apricot; ripe late in September.

Yellow Aeberge, Alberge Jaune, Peche Jaune, Roussanne, Saint Laurent Jaune, Petite Roussanne, Rosanna. Purple Alberge, and Gold Fleshed of Winter & Co. A middle sized globular fruit, of a yellow colour in the shade, with deep red next the sun; the flesh deep yellow, but red next the stone; melting, juicy, rich, sweet, vinous and excellent; in August.