Nandina - Notes

The only species, domestica, is not fully hardy, and can only be grown out of doors in mild districts. It is an evergreen, with fern-like foliage, white flowers and rosy fruits. It is known as the Heavenly Bamboo in Japan. Loam and peat, an open but sheltered site and shade from mid-day sun favour it.

Negundo - Notes

See Acers. Several are offered in catalogues under the name of Negundo, notably californicum aureum and fraxinifolium (syn. aceroides) and its varieties, such as white variegated and yellow variegated.

Neillia - Notes

These are now referred to Spiraeas, but opulifolia, height up to eight feet, a deciduous shrub with white flowers in June, and its golden-leaved form lutea, are often grown under the original name. Loam.

Nettle Tree - Notes

See Celtis.

Neviusia - Notes

The one species, alabamensis, is a deciduous North American shrub growing up to six feet high and with white flowers in May. Ordinary soil.

Norway Maple - Notes

See Acer.

Norway Spruce - Notes

Picea or Abies excelsa. See Chapter 17.

Notospartium - Notes

Australis and Carmichaeliae are offered, the latter most commonly; it is a Broomlike New Zealand evergreen growing up to twenty feet high, with pink flowers in early summer. Loam and peat.

Nuttallia - Notes

The only species generally met with is cerasiformis, a deciduous shrub growing up to ten feet high, with white flowers in spring. It should be grown in a sheltered place. Loam.