The Symptoms of Inflammation Of The Ovary

Sudden pain in one or both groins, sometimes extending down the leg and the feet; often pain in the breast and the affected side; increase of pain during menstruation; tenderness on pressure; pain in moving the bowels; general distress; nausea; more or less fever.

This disease most frequently results from taking cold during menstruation, from injury, and from the infection of gonorrhoea In many instances innocent wives have suffered from inflammations which have rendered them barren and invalids for life by the last-named cause contracted from incontinent husbands.

The Treatment of Inflammation Of The Ovary

Rest, fomentations to the affected part, hot vaginal douches two or three times a day, and especially the hot enema taken once or twice a day and retained for half an hour or as long as possible. The patient should remain perfectly quiet in bed, and should not attempt to get upon her feet or walk about for some time, or until the local irritation is almost wholly subdued.