The Symptoms of Sweating Sickness or Miliary Fever

Attack preceded for two or three days by irritation of the skin, dryness of the mouth, thirst, headache, generaI weakness, bad feeling in the stomach, with peculiar sensation; ringing in the ears; dizziness. The disease generally begins in the night with a chill, or chilliness, followed by very profuse sweating, which is accompanied by prickling and stinging of the skin; skin hot; pulse exceedingly rapid; extreme headache; palpitation and pulsation at the pit of the stomach; stomach sensitive, painful on pressure; occasional spasms in limbs; rash appears on the third to the seventh day, other symptoms being aggravated; eruption consists of small, round, irregular spots. which vesicate and burst in two or three days; rash first appears on side of the neck and chest, extending downward upon the back and lower extremities; great restlessness, often delirium.

The Causes of Sweating Sickness or Miliary Fever

Very little is known concerning the cause of this malady, although it is believed to be a germ disease. It is sometimes a very fatal malady, though in its epidemics, few fatal cases have occurred.

The Treatment of Sweating Sickness or Miliary Fever

The treatment consists in allaying the fever in the first stages of the disease by means of cold compresses, sponge baths, cool enemas, ice to the spine, etc. Especial attention should be given to thorough ventilation, and also to such other measures as have been recommended for the treatment of other infectious diseases. Bathing the skin with warm solutions of alum or vinegar is a useful measure, much employed in Germany. The pain at the stomach is best relieved by cold applications.