Varicose veins of the lower extremities are of very frequent occurrence in pregnancy, being produced by the pressure of the enlarged womb upon the veins which return the Wood from the lower extremities. Sometimes a similar enlargement of the veins of the external organs of generation on one or both sides also occurs.

The Treatment of Varicose or Enlarged Veins

The limbs should be supported by means of an elastic bandage, or elastic silk stocking, whenever the patient is on her feet. A flannel bandage made of strips of flannel torn across the web so as to give some elasticity may be used in place of the rubber bandage The bandage should be applied evenly, from the toes upward, as high, as necessary, even extending to the body in some cases. When the patient is sitting or lying down, the feet should be elevated a little higher than the hips if possible. If the labia becomes very much swollen, the patient should remain as much as possible in a horizontal position, in the meantime pressing out the blood from the distended veins by steady compression with the hand. A pad and bandage can be adjusted in such a way as to answer the same purpose.