Calcarea Phos

In scrofulous children. Chorea during puberty in either boys or girls.

Magnesia Phos

This is the chief remedy. Involuntary movements and contortions of the limbs, with mute, appealing looks for sympathy. Follow or alternate with Calcarea phos.


When due to the presence of worms, spasms, sleep disturbed by frightful dreams, distorted eyes, pale face, canine hunger, irritation of nostrils, constipation, great thirst, oedema of face and extremities.

Natrum Mur

Suitable for chronic cases, after fright or suppression of eruptions on the face, paroxysms of jumping regardless of obstructions, twitchings on the right side, worse at full moon, especially in anaemic and chlorotic states, with thirst and fever.

Natrum Phos

If due to worms, or if acid symptoms are present. (See Silicea).

Clinical Cases

Case of chorea; face and upper part of body affected; lateral and downward jerking of the month, snapping of eyelids, sudden forward motion of head, and other irregular movements. Better during sleep; aggravated at stool and by emotions, Ignat, failed. Magnesia phos.3 for three months produced gratifying results, but did not fully cure. Acting on Dr. Schussler's advice, Calcarea phos. 6r was given alternately with the Magnesia phos., the former once daily, the latter twice. In one month the child was cured. (D. B. Whittier, M. D).

Choreic patient talking to herself constantly, or sitting still in moody silence, or carrying things from one place to another and then hack again. Magnesia phos." cured. (Dr. Sager).

H. S., Let. 7. Chorea for two years, caused by fright; pale, delicate, anaemic, drinks much water, feverish, white tongue, sore mouth. Natrum mur.200 cured permanently. (C. P. Hart, M. D,)

Chorea Cured By Magnesia Phos

By Dr. John H. Clarke. - Gertrude.

S------------, aet. 6, was admitted lo the London Homoeopathic Hospital, on March 30th, 1887. She had suffered from well-marked chorea during the preceding eight months, and the usual remedies for such conditions had been administered to her as an out-patient during the previous two months, with but small success. No definite cause was to be made out. The child did not suffer from worms, and there was no history of a fright. On admission she twitched all over during her waking hours, but was quiet during sleep. She walked fairly well and could Feed herself, bat her speech was exceedingly defective. The heart's action was accelerated, but no abnormal sound was to be distinguished. Subsequently, however, a soft, presystolic, blowing sound was at times audible, as if the muscular fibres of the heart participated in the general spasms. The pupils were symmetrically dilated. Magnesia phos. was prescribed - two grains of the sixth decimal trituration, three times daily. The improvement which followed was slow, but abundantly manifest. The general twitching became less; the articulation improved, the child took nourishment freely: slept well at night, and lost the scared expression so characteristic of the complaint. By May 17th no vestige of the chorea remained.

On being directed to stand up, close the eyes, and hold the arms extended, she did so without difficulty. Subjected to the difficult test of walking blindfolded, she came through triumphantly. Lastly her powers of speech had so much improved that, whereas on her admission the meaning of her utterances was ft matter of pure conjecture, by this date her remarks were quite intelligible. Thus within seven weeks this obstinate case of a very troublesome disease yielded completely to Magnesia phos. - one of Schussler's so-called " tissue remedies." No other medicine was given. - Horn. World, July, 1887.