Causes: - The bodily (as well as the local) Vayu of a girl of tender years, weakly constitution or build and dry organic temperament, is deranged and aggravated in consequence of her excessive indulgence with a man of abnormally developed reproductive organ, and on getting into her organ of generation (yoni) gives rise to different local vaginal diseases which become manifest through the presence of the symptoms of the aggravation of the three specific Doshas. 2.

In the chapter on the enumeration of diseases, the diseases which affect the female organ of generation (yoni) have been classified into twenty different kinds †. The injudicious conduct of life which is usually found in females, menstrual disorders, the diseased or defective nature of the seed (of the parents of the girl), or any accidental cause may be fairly set down as causes of these female diseases. Now hear them discussed separately. 3.

Enumeration And Classification

Udavarta (dysmenorrhcea), Bandhya (sterility), Vipluta (introversion of the uterus), Paripluta (retroversion or retroflexion of the uterus) and Vatala are the five kindb of Vataja vaginal diseases. Rudhirakshara (menorrhoea), Vamini, Sramsini, Puttraghni and Pittala arc the Pittaja ones. Atyananda (nymphomania), Karnini, the two kinds of Charana and Slaishmiki find their origin in Kapha, and Shandi, Phalini, Mahati, Suehivaktra and Sarvaja arc said to be due to the aggravation of the three Doshas. 4.

* The term "yoni" is here used in a very comprehensive sense and means the whole female organ of generation, i. e., Uterus, Vagina, etc.

† These three lines correspond verbatim with three lines in the Charaka Samhita (vide Charaka Samhita, Chapter XXX (Medical Treatment Of An Attack By Salami(Sakuni-Pratishedha)), Chikitsita-sthana).

Symptoms Of The Vataja Types


Udavarta yoni discharges painful and frothy menses and a Bandhya' yoni is marked by the absence or suppression of the catamenial flow. A local pain is always complained of in a Vipluta yoni and in a Paripluta yoni an excessive local pain is experienced at the time of sexual congress. A Vatala' yoni is marked By an aching and piercing pain in the organ which seems rough and numbed. The peculiar pain due to the derangement of the Vavu is also felt in the first four types of the series. 5.

Symptoms Of The Pittaja Types

Discharge of the menses with a burning sensation in the passage is the characteristic symptom of Lohita-kshara or Rudhira-kashra yoni. The yoni from which the semen charged with the menstrual blood, is ejected with Vayu (sound) is called Vaimim ; the coming out (prolapsus) of the organ (uterus) when disturbed and a difficult or painful parturition arc the symptoms of a Prasramsini yoni. The yoniun the cast: of repeated abortions due to the excessive discharge of catamenial blood during the period of gestation is called Puttraglmi- An extremely burning sensation and suppuration in the organ attended with fever arc the symptoms which mark a. Pittala yoni. The four previous vaginal diseases are also marked by the specific symptoms of the aggravated Pitta. 6