Humulus, Hops. This homely remedy is successfully employed in nerve irritation and insomnia due to mental distress, especially when associated with poor digestion. Locally, a muslin bag filled with hops is applied, after immersing in hot water, to local inflammations and painful areas. Dose, tr., I to 2 fK. "Lupulinum" (U. S. P.). Lupulin contains to the full the virtues of hops. It is anaphrodisiac, used in priapism and chordee. It acts in harmony with camphor monobromate (Iupulin and monobromate, 5 gr. each in capsule) in this connection. The ec. tr. in 10 I. doses, combined with Tr. Gentianae Co., is a tonic in irritable nervous states vastly superior to beer or the so-called malt tonics.