This process is a modification of the foregoing, and is necessary in the case of all fresh vegetable substances which have much mucilaginous or viscid juice, and hence will not allow the spirit to pass through readily.

1. Reduce to a pulp, ascertain the percentage of water, and weigh out the moist magma as before.

2. Having ascertained by reference to the Pharmacopoeia the strength of spirit directed for the plant operated upon, and the quantity by reference to the tables, throw the magma loosely into a wide-mouthed stoppered bottle, pour one-third the quantity of spirit over it, and having shaken it thoroughly, allow it to macerate forty-eight hours, shaking occasionally.

3. Decant off any liquid which will pour out from the magma, and press out the remainder, pouring the liquid into the receiver of a percolator, and keeping it in a cool, dark place until the remainder of the process is completed.

4. Remove the mass from the press, and pass it again through the mincing machine, or triturate it lightly in a mortar, and then carefully mix it with twice its bulk of finely-powdered green glass.

5. Pack this mixture of magma and powdered glass in the percolator, percolate with the remainder of the spirit in two or more equal quantities, allowing at least six hours' maceration between each addition of spirit, and finish the process as before.

Examples of Plants requiring to be Treated by this Process.

Agaricus muscarius, Allium cepa, Allium sativum, Col-chicum autumnale, Viola odorata, Viola tricolor, Viscum album.