Painfulness of the whole body. Nervous affections. Convulsions. Serous apoplexy of old people.


Uneasy, unrefreshing sleep or lethargy.


Dizziness and trembling. Violent lancinating headache; semi-lateral headache, sudden cracking in the head.

Eyes And Ears

Throbbing pain in the orbits; redness of the eyes with stinging pain; swelling of the lids. 21*

Ophthalmia, particularly in tuberculous or rheumatic individuals. Amaurosis; illusions of sight. Hissing before the ears.

Stomach And Abdomen

Nausea and vomiting; weakness of the stomach, particularly after eating; pressure, lancinating or burning in the stomach. Dropsy in the bowels.


Painful asthma; excoriating pain in the chest especially on coughing. Derangement of the circulation, indicated by the beats of the heart.