Strong black coffee is a very powerful remedy for a large variety of poisons; such as Opium, Strychnine, Stramonium, Mushrooms, Prussic-acid, Belladonna, and Hemlock; also in poisoning from Antimony and Phosphorus.

Camphor is a very valuable remedy in poisoning from corrosive vegetable substances.

Mucilaginous drinks are useful against alkaline substances.

Soap is suitable principally for metallic poisoning, especially Arsenic and Lead. It is also suitable for corrosive acids and plants, with corrosive sap. It is injurious in poisoning by alkaline substances.

Sugar against poisoning by metallic substances, and vegetables with corrosive juice. It should be given after the appropriate antidote.

Vinegar is useful against alkaline substances, but is injurious in poisoning by mineral acids, arsenic, vegetables with corrosive sap.

White of egg, mixed with a suitable portion of water, is a very prominent remedy against poisoning by corrosive sublimate, verdigris, tin, lead, sulphuric-acid. Arsenic and other metallic substances.