The following information is intended to be a quick reference for the practitioner, not a prescription outline. It is, of course, assumed that the practitioner has availed himself of available seminars in the field of isopathic-homeopathy and pleomorphic research. Call your distributor for future seminars.

Abscess: Mucokehl, Notakehl

Acidosis: Alkala N, Sanuvis

Acne: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Staph, Utilin, Zinkokehl

Acne vulgaris: Sanukehl Acne

Acrodermatitis: Notakehl, Sankombi

Actinomycosis: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Utilin "S"

Acute Diarrhea: see Diarrhea

Addison's Disease: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Utilin

Adenoids: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Utilin

Adnexitis (Inflammation of the Adnexae): Albicansan, Utilin, Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl

Advanced Glaucoma: see Glaucoma

Agranulocytosis: Notakehl

Alkalinization: Alkala N 

Allergic Asthma: Sanukehl Cand, Polysan K

Allergic Diseases: Citrokehl, Notakehl, Sanukehl Cand, Sanuvis, Utilin, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N, Polysan K

Allergic Diseases of the Gastrointestinal tract: Albicansan

Allergic Rhinitis: Latensin, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sankombi, Utilin

Alopecia (Baldness): Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Strep, Sankombi

Alopecia areata: Mucokehl, Sankombi

Amoebiasis: Sanukehl Salm

Anal Eczema: Sanukehl Cand

Anal Fissures: Mucokehl, Notakehl

Anal Fistula: Fortakehl, Pefrakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Utilin

Angina Pectoris: Sanoryzae, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin

Anginal Ulcers of the Gingiva (Trench Mouth): Sankombi

Angioneurotic Edema: Sanukehl Prot

Ankle Swelling: see Ulcus cruris

Anthracosis: Sanukehl Staph

Aphasia: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Utilin

Aphonia: Sanukehl Myc

Aphthous Ulcers: Albicansan, Mucokehl, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Cand, Sankombi

Arrhythmia: Sanukehl Myc

Arterial Calcification: see Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis: Citrokehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin, Polysan A, Sanumgerman

Arthritic Diseases: Arthrokehlan "A", Latensin, Recarcin

Arthritis (Osteoarthritis): Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Recarcin, Sankombi, Sanukehl Myc, Utilin, Utilin "S", Arthrokehlan "A", Latensin

Asthenia (Weakness) associated with Hypotension: Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Asthma Bronchitis: Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Klebs, Sanukehl Pseu, Utilin, Utilin "S", Vitamin B Komplex SANUM N

Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction: Mucedokehl, Latensin, Utilin, Zinkokehl

Avitaminosis: Citrokehl

Balanitis: Albicansan

Bed Wetting: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Utilin

Bladder Inflammation: see Cystitis

Bleeding Tendencies: Calvakehl

Blepharitis: Nigersan, Sanukehl Staph

Blindness: Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Utilin

Bloating and Full Sensation: Alkala N

Blood Poisoning: Polysan G

Breast Cancer: Alkala N, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Pefrakehl, Recarcin, Utilin, Sanukehl Pseu, Selenokehl

Bronchiectasis: Sanukehl Klebs

Bronchitis: Cerivikehl, Mucokehl, Notakehl, Quentakehl, Relivora Komplex, Sankombi, Ruberkehl, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Bruises: Mucokehl

Buccal Mucosal Inflammation: see Stomatitis

Burns: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Sanukehl Pseu, Sankombi, Zinkokehl

Cancer: Arthrokehlan "U", Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Polysan K, Polysan Om, Sanukehl Pseu, Sanuvis, Fomepikehl, Utilin, Utilin "S", Selenokehl, Sanumgerman

Candidiasis: Albicansan, Exmykehl, Pefrakehl

Carcinoma: Arthrokehlan "U", Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Fomepikehl, Utilin, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Pseu, Selenokehl, Sanumgerman

Cataract: Mucokehl eye drops, Sanuvis, Utilin "S"

Cell Regeneration Therapy: Chrysocor, Leptospermusan, Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis

Cephalgia: Citrokehl, Quentakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Usneabasan, Ustilakehl

Cervical Syndrome: Notakehl, Quentakehl, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N

Chickenpox: Quentakehl

Childhood Diseases: Latensin, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sankombi, Utilin "S"

Cholangitis: Citrokehl, Fortakehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Mucokehl, Utilin, Sanukehl Coli

Cholecystitis: Albicansan, Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Sanukehl Myc, Utilin, Zinkokehl, Sanukehl Coli, Usneabasan

Chronrodystrophy: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Chronic Bronchitis: Cerivikehl, Latensin, Quentakehl, Recarcin, Sanukehl Pseu, Utilin

Chronic Dermatitis: Latensin, Mucokehl, Sanukehl Pseu, Sanuvis, Utilin, Pefrakehl

Chronic Dermatoses: Utilin

Chronic Gastrointestinal Tract Inflammation: Utilin, Sanukehl Salm

Chronic Hepatitis: Pinikehl, Rebas, Sankombi, Utilin

Chronic Inflammation: Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin

Chronic Intestinal Diseases: Latensin, Utilin, Fortakehl

Chronic Mucosal Inflammation: Latensin, Recarcin, Relivora Complex

Chronic Pancreatitis: Sanukehl Salm, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl

Chronic Respiratory Tract Diseases: Mucedokehl, Notakehl, Ruberkehl, Utilin "S"

Chronic Rheumatism: Arthrokehlan "A", Sanumgerman

Chronic Skin Condition: Alkala N, Latensin, Utilin

Chronic Skin Inflammation: Recarcin

Chronic Urinary Tract Infection: Notakehl, Quentakehl

Circulatory Problem of the Extremities: Leptucin, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Sanumgerman

Coeliac Disease: Sanukehl Salm

Colds: Polysan G

Colitis Syndrome: Albicansan, Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Recarcin, Sanukehl Cand, Utilin, Sanukehl Coli, Sanukehl Myc

Collagen Diseases: Sanukehl Pseu, Latensin

Colon Cancer: Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanuvis, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Selenokehl

Congestive Heart Failure: Calvakehl

Conjunctivitis: Leptospermusan, Mucokehl eye drops, Notakehl, Ruberkehl, Sanukehl Myc

Constipation: Fortakehl, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Sanukehl Cand, Utilin

Convalescence: see Recovery

Coronary Circulation Problems (Coronary Artery Disease): Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Sankombi

Correction of Acidosis in cases of Cardiac Asthma and Angina Pectoris: Citrokehl, Latensin

Corns and Calluses: Mucokehl, Sanuvis

Crohn's Disease: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Myc

Cystitis: Leptucin, Notakehl, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl, Ruberkehl, Sanukehl Coli

Dacryocystitis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis

Damage after antibiotic therapy: Fortakehl, Sanukehl Klebs, Sanukehl Prot

Degenerative Diseases of the Vertebrae and the Joints: Arthrokehlan "A", Notakehl, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N

Dental Granuloma: Pefrakehl, Sankombi

Dermatophytosis (Skin Fungal Infection): Albicansan, Fortakehl, Sanukehl Trich

Dermatoses: Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Cand, Sanukehl Pseu, Sanukehl Trich, Utilin

Diabetes Mellitus: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Grifokehl, Utilin, Utilin "S", Zinkokehl

Diabetic Gangrene: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Pinikehl, Sankombi, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Diarrhea: Fortakehl, Okoubasan, Calvakehl

Dislocation: see Distortions

Distortions: Mucokehl

Diverticulitis: Mucokehl

Drug Abuse: Muscarsan, Mucedokehl

Dry Cough: Cerivikehl, Relivora Komplex

Duodenal Ulcer: Fortakehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Prot, Utilin

Dupuytren's Contracture: Mucokehl, Nigersan

Dysbiosis: Fortakehl, Zinkokehl

Dysfunction of the male Gonads from diseases or aging: Chrysocor, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Citrokehl

Dysmenorrhea: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Recarcin, Sankombi, Ustilakehl, Utilin

Ear Inflammation: see Otitis

Easy Fatigability: Bovisan, Citrokehl, Selenokehl

Eczema: Latensin, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Cand, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Strep, Sanukehl Trich, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Utilin, Zinkokehl, Vitamin B Komplex, Polysan T

Embolism: Mucokehl, Utilin "S"

Empyema: Notakehl, Sanukehl Strep, Utilin "S"

Endocarditis: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph , Sanukehl Strep, Utilin

Endometritis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Alkala N, Sanuvis

Enteritis: Fortakehl, Okoubasan, Utilin "S"

Epicondylitis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl

Epidemic Encephalitis: Latensin, Notakehl, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Epididymitis: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanukehl Coli

Epilepsy: Mucokehl, Mucedokehl, Nigersan, Utilin, Sanumgerman

Erysipelas: Latensin, Notakehl, Utilin

Erythema Nosodum: Bovisan, Utilin "S"

Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis: Utilin "S"

Exudative Erythema multiforme: Utilin "S"

Femoral Artery and Vein Diseases: Citrokehl, Sanuvis, Mucokehl

Fever: Larifikehl, Relivora Complex, Utilin "S", Polysan G

Fibromyalgia: Latensin, Sanukehl Pseu

Fissures: see Rhagades

Folliculosis: Sanukehl Staph

Food Intolerance: see Intoxication

Food Poisoning: Okoubasan

Fractures: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Zinkokehl

Frequent Infections: Zinkokehl, Sankombi

Friedlander Pneumonia: Sanukehl Klebs

Frostbite: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin

Full Sensation and Flatulence: Alkala N

Functional Heart Complaints: Mucokehl, Sanuvis

Fungal Infections: Albicansan, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl

Fungal Infection of the Genitourinary Tract: Albicansan, Exmykehl, Pefrakehl

Fungal Infection of the Nails: Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Trich

Furunculosis (Boiles): Latensin, Mucokehl, Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph, Utilin, Sanukehl Salm

Gallbladder Disease: Alkala N, Fortakehl, Latensin, Pinikehl

Gallbladder Dysfunctions: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Utilin

Ganglion Cyst: Latensin, Recarcin, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Utilin

Gastric Mucosal Diseases: Fortakehl, Latensin, Recarcin

Gastric Mucosal Inflammation: see Gastritis

Gastric Ulcer: Alkala N, Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Utilin, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Prot

Gastritis: Alkala N, Fortakehl, Latensin, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Utilin, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Prot

Gastroenteritis: Citrokehl, Latensin, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Coli, Sanukehl Salm, Okoubasan

Gastrointestinal Dysfunction: Fortakehl, Citrokehl, Sanuvis

Gastrointestinal Tract Disease: Alkala N, Fortakehl, Latensin, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Rebas, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Utilin, Calvakehl

Gastrointestinal Tract Infection: Okoubasan, Fortakehl

Gastrointestinal Tract Inflammation: Fortakehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Sanukehl Prot

General Circulatory Problems: Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Leptucin, Sankombi, Alkala N, Sanuvis

General Inflammation: Latensin, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Rebas, Polysan G

Generalized Itchiness: Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Pseu, Sanuvis

Genital Herpes: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Quentakehl, Latensin, Sanukehl Prot, Alkala N

Genital Itchiness: Albicansan, Pefrakehl, Alkala N

Genital Mycosis: Albicansan, Exmykehl, Pefrakehl

Genetically Inherited Toxins: Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Polysan E

Genitourinary Disease: Alkala N, Nigersan, Notakehl

Gingivitis: Albicansan, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Cand, Utilin

Glaucoma: Mucokehl, Mucokehl eye drops, Sanuvis, Utilin "S"

Gonorrhea: Notakehl, Utilin "S"

Gout: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Utilin

Graves Disease (Exophtalmic Goiter): Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sankombi, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Growth and Developmental Disturbances: Thymokehl, Sanukehl Salm

Gum Inflammation: see Gingivitis

Hair loss: Sanukehl Trich

Hay Fever: Ruberkehl, Sanukehl Pseu, Luffasan

Headache: see Cephalgia

Heartburn: Fortakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Strep, Alkala N

Heart Problems: Polysan A

Heavy Metals: Pleo Chelate, Usneabasan, Selenokehl, Mapurit, Zinkokehl

Hematoma (Bruises): Mucokehl

Hemiplegia: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Utilin

Hemorrhagic Rhinitis: Mucokehl, Sanuvis

Hemorrhoids: Mucokehl, Notakehl

Hepatitis B: Pinikehl, Leptucin, Rebas, Sankombi, Utilin

Herpes simplex: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Quentakehl, Grifosan, Latensin, Sanukehl Prot

Herpes zoster: Notakehl, Quentakehl, Grifosan, Sanuvis, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N, Sanukehl Prot

Hodgkin's Lymphogranulomatosis: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Utilin, Sanukehl Pseu

Hydrocoele: Notakehl, Sanukehl Myc

Hyperlipidemia: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis

Hypersensitivity to Weather Changes: Citrokehl

Hypertension: Sanoryzae, Mucokehl, Utilin, Sanuvis

Hyperthyroidism: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sankombi, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Hyperthrophy of the Tonsils: Bovisan, Nigersan

Hypogonadism: Chrysocor, Mucokehl, Nigersan

Hypotension: Mucokehl, Polysan K, Utilin "S", Selenokehl

Hypoxia: Calvakehl

Ichthyosis (Dry scaly skin): Nigersan, Notakehl, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Immunomodulation: Arthrokehlan "U", Fomepikehl, Episcorit, Relivora Complex, Grifokehl, Latensin, Leptucin, Recarcin, Utilin, Utilin "S", Bovisan, Sanukehl Pseu

Impetigo: Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph, Latensin, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Indigestion Aid after Heavy Meals: Fortakehl, Alkala N

Infectious Diseases: Quentakehl, Notakehl, Alkala N, Sanuvis

Infectious Skin Disease: Albicansan, Pefrakehl, Sanuvis, Utilin

Infertility: Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Chrysocor, Selenokehl

Inflammation after BCG Vaccination: Bovisan

Inflammation of the Biliary Tract: Citrokehl, Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Utilin, Sanukehl Coli, Pinikehl

Inflammation of the Digestive Organs: Fortakehl, Larifikehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Sanuvis, Utilin

Inflammation of the Epididymis: see Epididymitis

Inflammatory Problems of the Eyes: Mucokehl eye drops, Notakehl

Inflammation of the Joints: see Arthritis

Inflammation of the Kidney: Cuprukehl, Latensin

Inflammation of the Pancreas: see Pancreatitis

Inflammation of the Pharyngeal Mucosa: see Pharyngitis

Inflammation of the Small and Large Intestines: Cuprukehl, Latensin, Fortakehl, Okoubasan

Inflammation of the Urethra: see Urethritis

Inflammatory Diseases of the Pelvis: Latensin, Mucokehl

Inflammatory Process of the Stomach: Cuprukehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Notakehl, Fortakehl, Sanukehl Prot

Influenza Infection: Notakehl, Quentakehl, Ruberkehl, Sanuvis, Sanukehl Klebs, Polysan G

Inherited Toxins: Polysan E

Insect Bites: Sanukehl Pseu

Intercostal Neuralgia: Notakehl, Stolonikehl, Quentakehl, Sanuvis, Selenokehl

Intermittent Claudication: see Smoker's Leg

Intermittent Fever: Pinikehl, Sanukehl Brucel

Intestinal Dysfunction: Utilin, Fortakehl

Intestinal Yeast Infection: Albicansan, Exmykehl, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl

Intestinal Tuberculosis: Utilin, Utilin "S"

Intoxication: Okoubasan

Iridocyclitis: Notakehl

Joint Diseases: Latensin, Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph

Keloid: Mucokehl, Sanukehl Pseu

Keratitis: Sanukehl Myc

Kraurosis Vulvae: Sanukehl Cand

Landry Palsy (Guillian Barré Syndrome): Notakehl, Sankombi, Utilin "S"

Large Intestinal Inflammation: see colitis syndrome

Laryngeal Ulceration: Sanukehl Myc

Laryngitis: Cerivikehl, Notakehl, Quentakehl

Leg Cramps: Latensin, Mapurit, Mucokehl

Leukemia: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Leukopenia: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis

Lichen ruber (Acuminatus Pityriasis): Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin, Latensin

Lipomatosis, Lipomas
Citrokehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Utilin "S"

Liver and Gallbladder pathology: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Pinikehl, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Utilin

Liver Cancer: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Recarcin, Latensin

Liver Cirrhosis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pinikehl, Recarcin, Sanuvis

Liver Disease: Alkala N, Latensin, Pinikehl, Rebas, Sankombi, Utilin

Liver Inflammation
Secondary to Hepatitis B
: Pinikehl, Leptucin, Rebas, Sankombi

Liver Parenchymal Disturbance: Sankombi, Utilin, Selenokehl

Lobar Pneumonia: Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph

Low Energy/Performance Levels: Citrokehl, Mapurit, Chrysocor, Selenokehl

Lumbago: Notakehl, Recarcin, Utilin

Lung Abscess: Larifikehl, Mucokehl, Notakehl

Lung Cancer: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Pseu, Nigersan Atox

Lung Diseases: Larifikehl, Utilin "S"

Lung Emphysema: Larifikehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin

Lupus: Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanuvis, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Lyme Borreliosis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Brucel, Alkala N, Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin "S"

Lymphadenitis (Lymph Node Swelling): Sanoryzae, Mucokehl, Notakehl, Pefrakehl

Lymphatic Constitution: Nigersan, Pefrakehl

Lymphoma: Latensin, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Utilin

Lymphostasis: Mucedokehl, Mucokehl

Magnesium Deficiency (Malabsorbtion): Mapurit

Malaria: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Citrokehl, Utilin "S", Polysan M

Male Menopause: Chrysocor, Nigersan

Malignant Melanoma: Sankombi, Leptucin, Utilin "S"

Mastoiditis: Sanukehl Staph

Measles: Notakehl, Quentakehl, Utilin

Menière's Disease: Quentakehl, Sanukehl Prot

Meningitis: Latensin, Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph, Sanukehl Strep, Utilin "S"

Menopausal Symptoms: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Utilin

Menorrhagia (Excessive Menstruation): Ustilakehl

Metabolic Disturbances: Sanuvis, Citrokehl, Polysan A

Metritis (Inflammation of the Uterus): Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Coli

Metrorrhagia (Uterine Bleeding): Ustilakehl

Middle Ear Infections (Otitis media): see Otitis media

Migraine: Latensin, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Quentakehl, Polysan T, Sanukehl Strep, Ustilakehl, Selenokehl

Mouth Diseases: Albicansan, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Cand

Multiple Sclerosis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Quentakehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Utilin, Sanumgerman

Myalgia (Muscle Pains): Arthrokehlan "A", Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N, Sanukehl Brucel

Mycosis Fungoides: Nigersan, Sankombi, Notakehl, Pefrakehl

Myocardial Infarction: Alkala N, Mucokehl, Sanuvis

Myocarditis: Mucokehl, Sanukehl Strep

Nasal Mucosa Inflammation: Notakehl, Mucedokehl, Recarcin

Nephritis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Quentakehl, Ruberkehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Staph, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Utilin

Nephroses: Latensin, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Quentakehl, Ruberkehl

Nerve Inflammation: see Neuritis

Neuralgia: Notakehl, Polysan R, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N, Selenokehl

Neurodermatitis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sanuvis, Latensin, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Neuromuscular Disturbances: Mapurit

Neuropathy: Notakehl, Polysan A

Neuritis: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Recarcin, Sankombi, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Neurovegetative Syndrome (Fear): Mucedokehl, Muscarsan, Selenokehl

No appetite: Cerivikehl, Fortakehl

Nodules: Sanukehl Coli

Nose Bleeding: Calvakehl

Obesity: Nigersan, Grifokehl, Alkala N, Latensin, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Oophoritis (Inflammation of the Ovaries): Notakehl, Mucokehl, Recarcin

Organ Irritation: Recarcin

Osteochondritis: Utilin

Osteochrondrosis: Nigersan, Notakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Latensin, Utilin

Osteomyelitis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph, Sanukehl Strep, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Prot

Osteoporosis: Fortakehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Sankombi, Alkala N, Sanuvis, Utilin

Ostitis: Mucedokehl, Utilin

Otitis: Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Pseu, Sanukehl Staph, Sanukehl Prot, Recarcin, Utilin

Otitis Externa: Notakehl, Pefrakehl

Otitis Media: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Notakehl, Recarcin, Sanukehl Strep, Utilin

Otosclerosis: Mucokehl, Utilin

Ovarian Cyst: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Utilin "S"

Pancreatic Insufficiency: Alkala N, Citrokehl, Fortakehl, Nigersan

Pancreatitis: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Zinkokehl

Paradontoses: Citrokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Polysan A

Paratubercular Inflammation: Nigersan, Sankombi, Citrokehl, Bovisan, Utilin

Parkinson's Disease: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Latensin, Utilin

Pemphigus Vulgaris: Mucokehl, Pefrakehl, Utilin "S"

Perianal Eczema: Pefrakehl, Utilin

Pericarditis: Mucokehl, Sanukehl Strep

Peripheral Vascular Disease: Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Leptucin, Sanukehl Prot

Peritonsillitis: Sanukehl Prot

Pernicious Anemia: Mucokehl, Sanuvis, Utilin

Perthes's Disease: Nigersan, Latensin

Pertussis: Relivora Complex, Ruberkehl, Recarcin

Peyronie's Disease: Mucokehl, Nigersan

Pharyngitis: Quentakehl, Sanukehl Pseu

pH regulation: Alkala N, Sanuvis

Pleuritis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Klebs

Pneumoconiosis: Sanukehl Klebs

Pneumonia: Notakehl, Citrokehl, Sanukehl Klebs, Utilin

Polyarthritis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sanuvis, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Brucel

Poor Bone and Cartilage Growth: see Osteochrondrosis

Poor Bone Growth: Zinkokehl, Selenokehl

Poor Bone Healing: Zinkokehl

Poor Nursing: Citrokehl

Poor sexual drive (Libido): Chrysocor, Nigersan, Citrokehl, Selenokehl, Ginkgobakehl, Mapurit

Poor Wound Healing: Mucokehl, Zinkokehl

Post Alcohol Abuse: Mucedokehl, Muscarsan, Alkala N

Post Febrila Diseases: Latensin

Post Menopausal Syndrome: Utilin

Precancerous stages: Utilin "S", Sanukehl Pseu, Polysan Om, Selenokehl

Pre- and Post-operative Phase: Cuprukehl, Mucokehl, Sanuvis

Pregnancy: Sankombi, Latensin

Primary and Secondary Amenorrhea: Nigersan, Recarcin

Problems of the Elderly: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Sanuvis, Latensin, Utilin, Polysan A, Selenokehl

Progressive Chronic Polyarthritis: see Rheumatoid arthritis

Prophylaxis for Weather and Nutritional Changes: Fortakehl, Okoubasan, Citrokehl

Prostatic Adenoma: Fomepikehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Sanuvis

Prostatic Cancer: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Notakehl

Prostatic Hypertrophy: Exmykehl

Prostatitis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Polysan A, Sanukehl Coli

Psoriasis: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Recarcin, Sanukehl Myc, Sanuvis, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Psoriatic Arthritis: Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Zinkokehl

Puerperal Mastitis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Strep

Puerperal Sepsis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Prot

Purulent Mastitis: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Sanukehl Staph

Pus Formation of Bacterial Origin: Notakehl

Pyelocystitis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Prot

Pyelonephritis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Coli

Pyloric Spasm: Fortakehl, Leptospermusan

Pyoderma: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Pefrakehl, Utilin

Raynaud's disease: Mucokehl

Recovery: Latensin, Zinkokehl

Rectal Cancer: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Pefrakehl, Utilin "S"

Regulation, Dysfunction of the Limbic System: Mucedokehl

Reiter's Disease: Fortakehl, Latensin, Mucokehl, Notakehl, Recarcin, Utilin

Respiratory Diseases: Alkala N, Cerivikehl, Citrokehl, Mucedokehl, Notakehl, Sankombi, Latensin

Respiratory Inflammation: Notakehl, Quentakehl, Relivora Complex

Rheumatic Fever: Sanukehl Salm

Rheumatism: Arthrokehlan "A", Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sankombi, Bovisan, Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin, Utilin "S", Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N, Citrokehl, Alkala N, Polysan R, Polysan T, Sanumgerman

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Nigersan, Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin, Zinkokehl, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N, Sanukehl Acne

Rhinitis: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin, Sanukehl Myc

Runny Nose: Quentakehl, Ruberkehl

Salpingitis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Coli

Scarlet Fever: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Strep

Scheuermann's Disease: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Citrokehl, Latensin

Sciatica (Sciatic Nerve Pain): Mucokehl, Notakehl, Utilin, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N

Scintillating Scotoma: Mucokehl eye drops

Septic Fever: Nigersan, Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Pinikehl, Sanuvis

Septicemia: Notakehl, Polysan G

Silicosis: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanukehl Klebs

Sinubronchitis: Mucedokehl, Notakehl, Latensin

Sinusitis: Cerivikehl, Mucedokehl, Notakehl, Pinikehl, Quentakehl, Ruberkehl, Utilin "S", Sanukehl Pseu, Sanukehl Staph

Skin and Conjunctival Tuberculosis: Utilin "S"

Skin Diseases: Utilin, Zinkokehl, Calvakehl, Pefrakehl

Sleep Disturbance: Leptospermusan

Smoker's Leg: Mucokehl, Sanuvis

Spherocytosis: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Pefrakehl

Spleen Diseases: Pinikehl

Spondylopathy: Notakehl, Quentakehl, Latensin

Sprains: Mucokehl

Status Post Infarct: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Sanuvis

Stimulation of Blood Cells Production: Mucokehl, Citrokehl, Leptucin

Stomatitis: Albicansan, Notakehl, Recarcin, Utilin, Sanukehl Cand

Stroke: Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Sanuvis, Utilin

Stye: Notakehl, Sanukehl Myc, Sanukehl Staph

Subacute and Chronic Inflammation of the Lymph Nodes: Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin

Subacute Inflammation: Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin

Sunstroke: Usneabasan

Suppurations: Notakehl, Polysan G

Susceptibility to Infection: Quentakehl, Sankombi

Symbiotic Therapy (Symbiosis): Mucokehl, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl

Swelling: Mucokehl

Syphilis Stage 1: Notakehl

Tennis Elbow: see Epicondylitis

Tension Headaches: Quentakehl, Usneabasan

Therapy for Dysbioses: Fortakehl

Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease): Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Utilin "S"

Thrombophlebitis: Mucokehl, Sanuvis, Utilin

Thrombosis: Mucokehl, Sanuvis, Utilin, Zinkokehl

Thyroid Disease: Nigersan, Sanuvis, Latensin, Utilin "S"

Thyroid Dysfunction: Mucedokehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Sanuvis, Utilin

Tinea: Pefrakehl, Sanukehl Trich

Tinnitus: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Latensin, Leptucin, Utilin

Tonsillitis: Sankombi, Mucedokehl, Notakehl, Polysan G, Sanukehl Staph, Sanukehl Strep, Utilin

Tooth Abscess: Notakehl

Transient Ischemic Attacks: Mucokehl, Leptospermusan

Trichomycosis (Fungal infection of the hair): Pefrakehl, Sanuvis, Sanukehl Trich

Trichophytosis (Tinea barbae): Notakehl, Pefrakehl, Sankombi, Sanukehl Trich, Utilin "S"

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Leptospermusan, Vitamin B Komplex Sanum N

Tubal Cyst: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Citrokehl

Tubercular Rheumatism: Bovisan, Utilin "S", Sanumgerman

Tuberculoid Skin Problem: Polysan T, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Tuberculosis: Nigersan, Citrokehl, Chrysocor, Polysan T, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Tuberculosis of the Bones: Utilin "S"

Tuberculosis of the Cervical Nodes (Scrofula): Utilin "S"

Tuberculosis of the Genitourinary Tract: Utilin "S"

Tuberculosis of the Joints: Utilin "S"

Tuberculosis of the Lungs: Utilin "S"

Tumors: Nigersan, Recarcin, Utilin "S", Polysan Om, Selenokehl

Ulcerative Colitis: Fortakehl, Leptospermusan, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Notakehl, Latensin, Rebas, Recarcin, Utilin, Utilin "S"

Ulcus cruris: Mucokehl, Notakehl, Sanukehl Pseu, Sanuvis, Zinkokehl

Upper Abdominal Complaints: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Latensin, Recarcin, Utilin "S"

Urethritis: Albicansan, Notakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanukehl Staph

Urinary tract infection: Notakehl, Sanukehl Coli, Latensin

Urticaria: Fortakehl, Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanukehl Myc, Sanuvis, Latensin, Utilin

Uterine Bleeding: Ustilakehl, Calvakehl

Uterine Myoma: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Selenokehl

Vaginal Discharge: Albicansan, Pefrakehl, Sankombi, Sanuvis

Vaginitis: Albicansan, Notakehl, Sanukehl Coli

Varicose Veins: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Polysan K

Vascular Migraine: Quentakehl, Sanoryzae, Leptospermusan, Leptucin, Selenokehl

Vascular System Complaints: Mucokehl

Veins Diseases: Mucokehl, Sankombi, Zinkokehl, Polysan K

Vertebral Tuberculosis: Nigersan, Citrokehl, Utilin "S"

Vertigo: Quentakehl, Mucokehl, Luffasan

Vitiligo: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Utilin "S"

Viral Infections: Leptospermusan, Notakehl, Quentakehl, Sanuvis, Citrokehl

Vitamin E Deficiency: Mapurit

Vomiting: Fortakehl

Vomiting of blood: Fortakehl, Sanukehl Prot

Vulvar Inflammation: Notakehl, Sanukehl Cand

Vulvovaginitis: Notakehl, Sanukehl Cand

Warts: Mucokehl, Nigersan, Sanuvis, Citrokehl, Latensin, Utilin "S"

Weak Immune System: see Asthenia (weakness)

Whooping Cough: see Pertussis

Yeast Infection of the Vagina: Albicansan, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl, Exmykehl, Alkala N, Latensin, Recarcin, Sanukehl Cand