Pilocarpine, 1, 4. Subcutaneous injection has been useful

Sabinae Oleum, 1. Prevents loss of hair in Alopecia pityrodes

Sapo Viridis, 1. Very useful as a shampoo night and morning - R Saponis virid. (German), Alcoholis āā ij., 01. lavandulae, guttae

Shaving. Sometimes useful after illness Sodium Bicarbonate, 1. As a lotion in Alopecia pityrodes Sulphur Iodide. Useful both internally and externally Tannin, 1. Watery solution or made up into ointment

Amaurosis and Amblyopia.

Amyl Nitrite, 1. Useful in many cases of disease of the optic nerve

Arnica. Sometimes useful

Electricity, 1.

Myotomy, 1. In asthenopia and hysterical amblyopia

Pilocarpine, 2. In tobacco and alcoholic abuse

Rue. In minute doses in functional dimness of vision, e.g. hysterical amblyopia

Santonin, 4., Sometimes useful in later stages of iritis and choroiditis, and in loss of power of optic nerve

Amaurosis and Amblyopia.

Seton. In temple, or blisters, along with iodide of potassium, in amaurosis coming on suddenly, and associated with tenderness of the eyeball on pressure; the disc is sometimes congested

Strychnine. 1, 2, 3, 4. Very useful in cases of tobacco amaurosis, alcoholic excess, nerve-atrophy (without cranial disease), and in traumatic amaurosis

Veratrine. To eyelids and temples. Care must be taken to keep out of the eye


Aconite, 3. When menses are suddenly checked, as by cold, etc.

ActaeA Racemosa, 2, 3. To restore the secretion, and remove the headache, ovarian neuralgia, etc. produced by its sudden stoppage

Alcohol, 4. In sudden suppression after exposure

Aloes, 2, 3. Alone or with iron. In torpor and anaemia; best administered a few days before the expected period

Ammonium Chloride, 3. In headache

Apiol (oil of parsley), 2, 4. Gr. iij. twice a day for some days before the expected period; if there is a molimen gr. xv. in a few hours. Useful in anaemia and torpor only

Arsenic, 2, 4. Along with iron in anaemia and functional inactivity of the ovaries and uterus

Asafoetida, 2. Along with aloes in anaemia and torpor of the intestines

Cantharides, 2, 4. Along with iron in torpor of the uterus

Cold Sponging, 3. To brace the patient up

Colocynth. In anaemia with constipation

Electricity, 2. Locally applied, sometimes useful

Ergot, 2. In plethoric subjects

Gold Salts, 2. Like Asafoetida

Guaiacum, 4. Mild stimulant to the uterus

Hydropiper, 2. In torpor; with iron in anaemia, aloes in a constipated subject. Contra-indicated in a plethoric condition. Should be given a few days before menses are expected

Iron, 2, 3, 4. In anaemia, q. v.

Manganese, 3. Useful in the amenorrhoea of young women; in delayed menstruation, or when a period has been missed through a chill. Perseverance is required, especially in the last case

Myrrh. A tonic emmenagogue

Nux Vomica, 2. In combination with iron in anaemia

Potassium Permanganate. Like Manganese

Pulsatilla, 2. Like Aconite

Rue, 2, 4. In atonic condition of ovaries or of uterus. Plethora contra-indicates

Saffron Wine, 1. Emmenagogue

Salines, 4. In constipation in plethoric cases

Sanguinaria. Like Rue

Santonin, 3. In two doses of 10 gr. one or two days before the expected period

Savin. Like Rue

Senega, 4. A saturated decoction in large doses of a pint daily about two weeks before period

Serpentaria. In anaemia

Silver Nitrate. Locally, to os uteri at period

Sitz Baths. Hot, alone, or with mustard, for some days before the period; with mustard, if suddenly arrested

Spinal Ice-bag. To lumbar vertebrae


Acids. For a tonic action on the mucous membranes in the anaemia of young women


Acidum Gallicum, 1. In anaemia due to a chronic mucous or other discharge

Alkalies, 1. Potash and Soda as gastric and hepatic tonics

Aloes, 1. As tonic and slight purgative

Arsenic, 1, 2. In the cases where iron fails of its effect or does not agree with the patient. Also in Pernicious Anaemia

Cold Sponging.


Hypophosphites of Calcium or Sodium. In cases of nervous debility care must be taken that they do not derange the digestion

Iron, 1, 2, 3, 4. Very useful. When stomach is at all irritable the carbonate is often best. Weak anaemic girls with vomiting after food are best treated with the Perchloride. In coated tongue the ammonio-citrate is often the best to begin with. The malate has been useful in pernicious anaemia. In gastric disturbance and constipation a combination with Rhubarb is often very effectual. Where mucous membrane very flabby large doses of the perchloride. Chalybeate waters more often succeed than pharmaceutical preparations; one drop of the solution of perchloride in a tumbler of water is a good substitute for them latophosphate op Calcium. During nursing, or after exhausting purulent discharge

Manganese. May be given along with iron - not much use alone

Nux Vomica. Useful sometimes along with iron

Oxygen, 2, 3. In anaemia from loss of blood or suppuration

Pancreatin In feeble digestion

Pepsin. In feeble digestion

Phosphate of Calcium. During growth, or where system is enfeebled by drain of any kind

Quinine. In malnutrition

Sea-Bathing, 1. Good, but not in chlorosis

Wines. Along with food to aid digestion


Aconite, 1,2. To relieve pain and slow the circulation

Aliment. Low diet; absolute rest

Barium Chloride, 1, 2. In doses of 1/5 gr. Perhaps raises the arterial tension. It has been successfully used

Chloroform. Inhaled to relieve dyspnoea

Electrolysis. Sometimes useful in causing coagulation within the sac

Ergotin, 1. A local hypodermic injection has been successful

Eucalyptus, 1.