Alkalies, 2. Especially effervescing drinks

Alum, 3. In doses of five to ten grains in phthisis, when vomiting is brought on by cough

Ammonium Carbonate

Ammonio-Citrate of Iron, 1. In the vomiting of anaemia, especially of young women

Apomorphine. To empty the stomach of its contents

Arsenic, 2, 3. In the vomiting of cholera; in chronic gastric catarrh, especially of drunkards; chronic, not acute gastric ulcer, and chronic painless vomiting

Bicarbonate 01 Sodium, 3. In children 3ss. to 3j. to the pint of milk. If this fails, stop milk. In acute indigestion with acid vomiting

Bismuth, 2, 3, 4. In acute and chronic catarrh of the stomach or intestine

Blisters. In vomiting due to renal and hepatic colic

Bromides, 2, In cerebral vomiting and cholera infantum

Calcium Phosphate

Calomel, 2. In minute doses in cholera infantum and similar intestinal troubles

Calumba. A simple bitter and gastric sedative

Carbolic Acid, 2, 4. In irritable stomach, along with bismuth; alone if due to sarcinae or other ferments; in Asiatic cholera and cholera infantum

Carbonic Acid Waters, 3. With milk

Cerium Oxalate, 3, 4. In doses of gr. j. in sympathetic vomiting


Chloral, 2. In sea-sickness and reflex vomiting Chloroform, 2, 3. In drop doses in sea-sickness, and in reflex vomiting such as passage of calculi Cocaine

Creasote. Like carbolic acid Electricity, 1. In nervous vomiting the constant current positive pole on last cervical vertebra, and negative over stomach Emetics. If due to irritating substances Ether, 2. Like chloroform Eucalyptus, 3. In vomiting due to sarcinae Gelatin, 3. To the food of babies who suffer from chronic vomiting of lumps of curded milk Horseradish Hydrocyanic Acid. In cerebral vomiting, vomiting of phthisis, and of acute disease of stomach Ice. Sucked

Ice Bag, 1. To spine or epigastrium Iodine. The liquor in 3-5 m. doses Ipecacuanha, 1, 2, 3,4. In sympathetic nervous vomiting, in minute doses; in the vomiting of children from catarrh, and the vomiting of drunkards Iris

Koumiss, 1. Diet and food in obstinate cases Leeches, 1. To epigastrium if tender, especially in malarial vomiting Lime Water, 3, 4. In chronic vomiting with milk, especially in the case of children. The saccharated is laxative Magnesia, 3. In sympathetic vomiting Mercury, 3. In vomiting with clayey stools; vide Calomel Morphine, 1, 3. Hypodermically injected in the epigastrium in persistent sea-sickness Nitrite of Amyl, 2. In concentrated form in sea-sickness Nitro-glycerin, 2, 3. Like nitrite of amyl Nutriext Enemata, 2, 3. In persistent vomiting Nux Vomica, 2, 3. In atonic dyspepsia Opium, 4. As a suppository in severe acute vomiting, especially associated with obstinate constipation, which is relieved at the same time Pepsin, 2. In the vomiting of dyspepsia Potassium Iodide. In very small doses Pulsatilla. In catarrh Quinine, 3. In sympathetic vomiting Silver Nitrate. In nervous derangement Spiritus Nucis Juglandis, 1. Believes or cures in sympathetic vomiting and gastric irritability Sulphurous Acid, 1. If due to sarcinae Tartar Emetic. If due to irritating substances or poisons Veratrum. In vomiting of summer diarrhoea Zinc Sulphate. Emetic

Vomiting of Pregnancy.

Aconite, 1, 4. In full doses, so long as physiological effect is maintained

Arsenic, 2. Where the vomit is blood, or streaked with blood, drop doses of Fowler's solution

Belladonna, 1. Either internally, or plaster over the hypogastrium

Bismuth, 1. Along with pepsin

Bromide of Potassium, 1, 4. Controls in some cases in large doses

Calcium Phosphate, 1

Calomel, 1. In small doses to salivate, or one large dose of 10 gr.

Calumba, 1. Occasionally successful

Carbolic Acid, 1, 2. An uncertain remedy

Caustics, 1. To the cervix if abraded

Cerium Oxalate, 1. The chief remedy


Vomiting of Pregnancy.

Chloral, 1, 3

Cocaine, 1, 3. 10 m. of a 3 per cent. solution will relieve and cure in a few doses

Coffee, 1. Before rising

Creasote, 3

Dilatation of the Os Uteri

Electricity, 1. Same as in nervous vomiting

Hydrocyanic Acid, 2. Sometimes useful, often fails


Iodine, 2. A drop of tincture or liquor as a last resort

Ipecacuanha, 3, 4. In minim doses relieves

Koumiss. As diet

Morphine, 1, 3. Suppository introduced into the vagina; no abrasion should be present or there may be symptoms of poisoning

Naphtha, 1. 1 or 2 drops

Nux Vomica, 2. 1 and 1-2 drop doses of tincture

Pepsin, 1, 2. Like ingluvin but not so successful

Plumbic Acetate, 1. In extreme cases

Potassium Iodide, 1. Like iodine

Quinine, 3. Sometimes useful


Spinal Ice-bag, 2


Acetic Acid, 1. Touched with the glacial acid

Alum, 1. Saturated solution in ether

Antimonic Chloride

Arsenious Acid

Caustic Alkalies

Carbolic Acid


Chromic Acid

Corrosive Sublimate


Mercuric Nitrate, 3

Nitric Acid

Permanganate of Potassium, 1

Phosphoric Acid

Potassae, Liquor, 3


Salicylic Acid, 3. Saturated solution in collodion, with extract of Indian hemp



Silver Nitrate, 1. In venereal warts along with savin

Sodium Ethylate, 1







Alcohol, 2. In pyrexia; antiseptic and astringent dressing

Aloes, 3. Topical stimulants

Aluminium Acetate

Anhydrous Dressings

Balsam of Peru


Blotting Paper, 1. As lint, saturated with an antiseptic


Boric Acid

Calamine, 1


Carbolated Camphor, 1

Carbolic Acid, 2, 3, 4


Chloral, 1. Antiseptic and analgesic