The active principle of the suprarenal gland (nephridium, adrenal, epirenal); it may also be produced synthetically. A drab or buff coloured, minutely crystalline powder. Decomposes in the presence of water, and especially in the weak alkalies. Soluble 1 in 5000 of ether or alcohol, readily soluble in water acidulated with hydrochloric acid. (Trade names for the active principle of the suprarenal, Adrenalin, Adrenin, Epirenan, Haemostasin, Hemisine, Suprarenin,etc).

Ammonium Bromidum. Ammonium Bromide. Dose, 5 - 30 grs ; 3 - 20 dgms.

Colourless crystals or a white crystalline powder. Soluble 2 in 3 of water 1 in 15 of alcohol.

Argyrol. (Silver Vitellin.) A compound of silver and a vegetable protein containing about 30% of silver. Readily soluble in water (the solution decomposes on keeping).

Boroglycerinum. Boric Acid, 47; Glycerin by weight, 64. Differs from the official Glycerin of Boric Acid in the proportions and the method of making. It contains glyeryl borate, which readily breaks down in the presence of water. A white viscid opaque liquid of a honey-like consistence. Readily soluble in water and alcohol.

1Calcii Lactas. Calcium Lactate. Dose, 10 - 60 grs.; 1/2 - 4 gms. White granular masses, or powder, or in crystals, odourless and with scarcely any taste. Soluble 1 in 15 of water, scarcely soluble in alcohol.

Carbasus Absorbens. Absorbent Cotton. Open-wove cotton gauze or mulls prepared from cotton freed from its natural oil.

2Carbasus Acidi Borici. Boric Acid Gauze. - 100; Saturated Solution of Boric Acid tinted with aniline red a sufficient quantity. The gauze is immersed in the boiling solution and subsequently dried. It should contain 40 - 50% of boric acid.

2Carbasus Iodoformi. A gauze impregnated with 10% of iodoform.

2Cataplasma Kaolini. Kaolin Poultice. Kaolin, 52.7; Boric Acid, 4.5; Thymol, 0.05; Methyl Salicylate, by weight, 0.2; Oil of Peppermint, by weight, 0.05; Glycerin, by weight, 42.5. Heat the kaolin to 100°C. and maintain at that temperature for one hour, occasionally stirring, add the boric acid, mix intimately, incorporate the glycerin, finally add the thymol dissolved in the methyl-salicylate and the oil of peppermint. The mixture should be kept warm for four hours with occasional stirring, and preserved in air-tight vessels.

1Cataplasma Lini. Linseed Poultice. Linseed, crushed, 28; boiling water, 100. Add the linseed gradually to the boiling water stirring constantly.

1Cataplasma Sinapis. Mustard Poultice. Linseed, crushed, 28; Mustard, powdered, 2; Water to produce 100. Add the linseed to about 70 of water, then add the mustard, previously rubbed to a paste with water.

2Ceratum Galeni. Galen's Cerate. (Cold Cream.) Soft Paraffin, white, 12; White Beeswax, 12; Almond Oil, 50; Borax, 1; Oil of Rose, 0.10; Rose Water, 25.