From Autophosphorus 1336 itself, and phosphorus: real phosphorus). See Phosphorus.

Autopsia Autopsy

(From Autopsia Autopsy 1338 himself, and to see). Occular Evidence.


From Autopyros 1340 itself, and wheat).

See Bread.


(From augeo, auctum, because, Festus says, at this time the fruit of the earth, and the labours of men, are increased). Autumn. The season of the year between summer and winter, beginning astronomically at the equinox, and ending at the solstice: popularly it comprises August, September, and October. Celsus wisely advises people to begin early in this season to wear warmer clothes, for the irregularity of the weather subjects them to a variety of diseases.

Auxe Sis

See Augmentum.


Rh Musc, (auxi/ium,assistance). See Pyramidalis musculus.


(A corruption of Osyris). See Asyris.


(Indian). A little tree, the leaves, fruit, and flowers of which resemble the myrtle; but it is more astringent. It grows on mountains in the province of Malabar, and is used against dysenteries; but not yet described so clearly that its systematic arrangement can be ascertained.

Avara Mo

(Indian). The name of a siliquose tree which grows in Brasil. Its bark is externally of an ash colour, and internally very red; both it and the leaves are astringent: a decoction of the bark hath been supposed to dry ulcers, and is said to have cured cancers. Raii Hist. It has not been noticed by systematic authors.


(From Abella, or Avella, a town in Campania where they grow,) corylus avellanal Lin. Sp. Pi. 1417. The hazle nut. Miller takes notice of six sorts; viz. the hazle nut, the small manured ditto, the large cob nut, the Spanish nut, the red filbert, and the white filbert.

The iuli, or katkins, which grow on the trees early in the spring, and the shells, are restringent or binding. An emulsion made of the kernels of nuts or filberts, and mead, is commended in coughs. Filberts nourish more than nuts; but the oil is so closely united with the mucilage that they are very indigestible; the roundest kernels are most esteemed. They all afford a considerable quantity of an agreeable soft oil by expression.

Avellana cathartica. See Cataputtx minor.

Avellana Mexicana. See Cacao.

Avellana purgatrix. See Cataputia minor and Ben.

Avellana Indiana versicolor. See Areca.


See Adianthum Canadensf F f 2


See Caryophyllata.


(From averto, to turn from). The diverting of a flux of humours from one part to another; a nausea or inappetency; the recession of the uterus from its proper place.