For the Plumbing Installation in the Hotel Santiago, Located in the City of Havana, on the Island of Cuba

General Conditions

Interpretation Of Plans And Specifications

The following specifications are intended to describe the material required and the work to be performed installing the plumbing work in the Hotel Santiago, Havana, Cuba. The specifications are intended to be interpreted in conjunction with a set of drawings hereto attached, and if anything is shown on the drawings that is not mentioned in the specifications, or is mentioned in the specifications but not shown in the drawings, it is to be included in the work the same as though both mentioned in the specifications and shown in the drawings. Furthermore, any material or labor obviously required to complete the work shall be included in these specifications as fully as though mentioned in the specifications and shown on the plans, and such work and material shall be of the same grade or quality as the parts actually shown and specified.


The drawings shall consist of three separate sheets showing the floor plans of the building, and another sheet showing details of the installation. The drawings shall be numbered consecutively from one to four, and shall, together with the specifications, be signed for identification by the owner of the building and the plumbing contractor. Sheet No. 1 is a plan of the ground floor of the buildings showing the general arrangement of the supply pipes, pumps, meters, suction tank, water-heating apparatus and the house drain. Sheet No. 2 is a plan of the first, second and third floors, showing the general arrangement of the fixtures in the several bathrooms, and indicating the location of various hot-water, cold-water, circulation pipes, and the soil, waste and vent stacks. Sheet No. 3 is a plan of the fourth or top floor, showing the location of the various kitchen and scullery fixtures, and the general arrangement of the toilet rooms, as well as the location of the supply, waste, soil and vent lines. Sheet No. 4* shows the details of various parts of the plumbing installation.

The locations of fixtures on the ground floor are not shown on sheet No. 1, but are shown on the architect's drawings, which must be read in connection with the plumbing plans.

Permits And Plumbing Laws

The plumbing contractor shall pay for and secure all permits to open streets, connect with the public sewer, connect to the water supply or perform any other work or operation connected with his contract and for which a fee is exacted; he shall also pay for tapping the water main, and shall comply with all municipal or general laws in the city of Havana or of the Island of Cuba, which bear upon or affect his work; and, in so far as they are applicable to the plumbing work in the Hotel Santiago, the laws and regulations governing the sanitary installations of plumbing, known as Decree No. 255, is made part of this specification.

*The separate details illustrated in Chapter III were all included on Sheet 4.

Number And Location Of Fixtures

There shall be a total of 282 fixtures throughout the building, located where shown on the plans. They shall be distributed on the various floors as follows:

Ground floor

2 urinals

- For public use

2 water-closets

1 lavatory

1 urinal

For private use

1 water-closet -

1 lavatory

2 meters

- For general service

1 filter

1 suction tank

1 pump

1 hot water tank

1 water heater


- 15 Total

First floor

28 bath tubs

Second floor

28 bath tubs

28 lavatories

28 lavatories

28 water-closets

28 water-closets

84 Total

84 Total

Third floor

28 bath tubs

Fourth floor

1 group of 4 sinks

28 lavatories

2 slop sinks

28 water-closets

1 bath tub


3 lavatories

, 84 Total

3 water-closets

1 grease trap

1 house tank

. 15 Total

Superintendence And Inspection

The contractor shall give the work his personal superintendence from time to time, and shall keep on the premises a foreman who will be authorized to represent him during his absence. The owner, or his representative, the architect, also the sanitary officer for the city of Havana, shall have access to the work and material at all hours during the workday for the purpose of examination or inspection, and no work shall be concealed from sight until it has been passed upon by the sanitary inspector. The materials for this installation shall be strictly as called for in the specifications, and the work shall be put together exactly as shown on the plans and detail drawings. If there is any doubt in the contractor's mind as to how certain work shall be done, detail drawings will be furnished him as a guide. All exposed screw piping must be put together so as to conceal the threads, and tool marks will not be permitted on any exposed material, fixtures or fittings.

Beginning And Termination Of Work

The contractor shall begin work on the installation of the plumbing within a reasonable time after signing the contract, and shall cooperate with the other contractors so as not to delay the completion of the building.

Changes From The Plans

No material deviation from the plans and specification shall be made in the installation of the work without the written consent of the owner or architect. The owner, however, shall have the privilege of ordering additional work from time to time without in any way affecting the validity of the plans, specifications or contract. The value of the work so ordered shall in each case be agreed upon beforehand, and shall be stipulated in the written order, which shall constitute the contractor's authority for proceeding with the work. Should an alteration from the original plan reduce the amount of labor or material, the value of such saving shall be decided upon by the owner and contractor and the amount stipulated in the written order, as before stated.