HOUSE WIRING. By Thomas W. Poppe.

This work describes and illustrates the actual installation of Electric Light Wiring, the manner in which the work should be done, and the method of doing it. The book can be conveniently carried in the pocket. It is intended for the Electrician, Helper and Apprentice. It solves all Wiring Problems and contains nothing that conflicts with the rulings of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. It gives just the information essential to the Successful Wiring of a Building. Among the subjects treated are: Locating the Meter. Panel Boards. Switches. Plug Receptacles. Brackets. Ceiling Fixtures. The Meter Connections. The Feed Wires. The Steel Armored Cable System. The Flexible Steel Conduit System. The Ridig Conduit System. A digest, of the National Board of Fire Underwriters' rules relating to metallic wiring systems. Various switching arrangements explained and diagrammed. The easiest method of testing the Three- and Four-way circuits explained. The grounding of all metallic wiring systems and the reason for doing so shown and explained. The insulation of the metal parts of lamp fixtures and the reason for the same described and illustrated. 125 pages. Fully illustrated. Flexible cloth. Price.......50 cents


"The information given is exact and exhaustive without being too technical or overladen with details." - Druggists' Circular.



Every young man who wishes to become a successful electrician should read this book. It tells in simple language the surest and easiest way to become a successful electrician. The studies to be followed, methods of work, field of operation and the requirements of the successful electrician are pointed out and fully explained. Every young engineer will find this an excellent stepping stone to more advanced works on electricity which he must master before success can be attained. Many young men become discouraged at the very outstart by attempting to read and study books that are far beyond their comprehension. This book serves as the connecting link between the rudiments taught in the public schools and the real study of electricity. It is interesting from cover to cover. Eighteenth Revised Edition, just issued. 205 pages. Illustrated. Price....................$1.00


An indispensable work to all interested in electrical science. Suitable alike for the student and professional. A pract cal handbook of reference containing definitions of about 5,000 distinct words, terms and phrases. The definitions are terse and concise and include every term used in electrical science. Recently issued. An entirely new edition. Should be in the possession of all who desire to keep abreast with the progress of this branch of science. In its arrangement and typography the book is very convenient. The word or term defined is printed in black-faced type which readily catches the eye, while the body of the page is in smaller but distinct type. The definitions are well worded, and so as to be understood by the non-technical reader. The general plan seems to be to give an exact, concise definition, and then amplify and explain in a more popular way. Synonyms are also given, and references to other words and phrases are made. A very complete and accurate index of fifty pages is at the end of the volume; and as this index contains all synonyms, and as all phrases are indexed in every reasonable combination of words, reference to the proper place in the body of the book is readily made. It is difficult to decide how far a book of this character is to keep the dictionary form, and to what extent it may assume the encyclopedia form. For some Purposes. concise, exactly worded definitions are needed ; for other purposes, more extended descriptions are required. This book seeks to satisfy both demands, and does it with considerable success. Complete, concise and convenient. 682 pages. 393 illustrations. Twelfth Edition. Price .... $3.00

SWITCHBOARDS. By William Baxter, Jr.

This book appeals to every engineer and electrician who wants to know the practical side of things. It takes up all sorts and conditions of dynamos, connections and circuits, and shows by diagram and illustration just how the switchboard should be connected. Includes direct and alternating current boards, also those for arc lighting, incandescent and power circuits. Special treatment on high voltage boards for power transmission. 2d Edition. 190 pages. Illustrated. Price......$1.50


This book is intended for the amateur, the wireman, or the engineer who desires to establish a means of telephonic communication between the rooms of his home, office, or shop. It deals only with such things as may be of use to him rather than with theories.

Gives the principles of construction and operation of both the Bell and Independent instruments: approved methods of installing and wiring them; the means of protecting them from lightning and abnormal currents; their connection together for operation as series or bridging stations; and rules for their inspection and maintenance. Line wiring and the wiring and operation of special telephone systems are also treated.

Intricate mathematics are avoided,and all apparatus, circuits and systems are thoroughly described. The appendix contains definitions of units and terms used in the text. Selected wiring tables, which are very helpful, are also included. Among the subjects treated are Construction, Operation, and Installation of Telephone Instruments; Inspection and Maintenance of Telephone Instruments; Telephone Line Wiring; Testing Telephone Line Wires and Cables; Wiring and Operation of Special Telephone Systems, etc. 100 pages. 125 illustrations........$1.00


Alfred P. Morgan.

This is undoubtedly one of the most complete and comprehensible treatises on the subject ever published, and a close study of its pages will enable one to master all the details of the wireless transmission of messages. The author has filled a long-felt want and has succeeded in furnishing a lucid, comprehensible explanation in simple language of the theory and practice of wireless telegraphy and telephony.

Among the contents are: Introductory; Wireless Transmission and Reception - The Aerial System, Earth Connections - The Transmitting Apparatus, Spark Coils and Transformers. Condensers, Helixes, Spark Gaps, Anchor Gaps, Aerial Switches - The Receiving Apparatus. Detectors, etc. - Tuning and Coupling, Tuning Coils, Loose Couplers, Variable Condensers, Directive Wave Systems - Miscellaneous Apparatus, Telephone Receivers. Range of Stations, Static Interference - Wireless Telephones, Sound and Sound Waves.The Vocal Cords and Ear - Wireless Telephone, How Sounds Are Changed into Electric Waves - Wireless Telephones, The Apparatus - Summary. 154 pages. 156 engravings. Price............$1.00

WHAT IS SAID OP THIS BOOK: "This book should be in both the home and school library."-The Youths' Instructor.

WIRING A HOUSE. By Herbert Pratt.

Shows a house already built: tells just how to start about wiring it; where to begin; what wire to use: how to run it according to Insurance Rules; in fact, just the information you need. Directions apply equally to a shop. Fourth edition . . 25 cents