Framing The Common Rafter; Laying Out The Plumb Cut. While in this discussion the plumb cut is first described, it should be understood that it is equally as convenient and more common among carpenters to begin the framing of the members of a square cornered roof frame with the end and seat cuts. In framing other than a square cornered roof it is somewhat more convenient to begin with the plumb cut.

16 Framing The Common Rafter Laying Out The Plumb  70Fig. 45 a b. Laying off Common Rafter

Fig. 45-a-b. Laying off Common Rafter.

The method of framing of the common rafter is the same for all buildings, whether the buildings have four sides or more or less. (1) Place the framing square as in Fig. 45-b, taking 12" on the tongue as the run, and upon the blade the rise in inches per foot of run. Keep these numbers against the crowning, or what is to become the top edge of the rafter, and scribe along the blade. This gives the plumb cut. Occasionally a carpenter will be found who frames to a center line rather than the top edge of a rafter.

Figs. 45, 46 and 47 illustrate the proper position of the worker relative to his work. Such a position will seem awkward to the beginner but he should learn to visualize his work while in this position that the efficiency of framing may not be reduced thru the awkward position first likely to be assumed.

Fig. 46. Position in Laying off Plumb Cut when Laid off before Seat Cut

Fig. 46. Position in Laying off Plumb Cut when Laid off before Seat Cut.