Seat And End Cut Of Octagonal And Other Polygonal Hips And Valleys. The method of procedure in laying out the seat and end cuts of octagonal and other polygonal hips and valleys is similar to that described for the square hip, except of course, the numbers to use on the square will differ. These numbers will be determined by the run of the hip for that particular roof, and by the rise in inches per foot of run of common rafter. In the case of the octagon the numbers will be 13" on the tongue, and the rise on the blade. The length of tail may be figured by the tables, if such are available, or the framing square may be advanced successively as many times as there are feet in the run of the tail or the lookout of the common rafter of that roof, as heretofore described.

The miter cut on the end of a hip rafter and in the crotch of a valley rafter will vary with the tangent value of the plate. For the octagon, whose tangent is 5" the measurement from the end cut and at right angles to it will be 5/12 that used on the square cornered building. This same ratio will hold for the measurement at the crotch of the valley, Fig. 65-b.