Framing The Jack Rafter For Square Cornered Buildings; Plumb Cut; Side Cut. Jack rafters which have their top ends framed against a hip are known as hip jacks; those having the lower ends framed against a valley are known as valley jacks; those which are framed in between hip and valley are known as cripple jacks.

The jack rafter, being but a portion of a common rafter, is framed in a manner quite like that used in framing the common rafter. The chief difference is in the fact that the jack rafter has a side or cheek cut, and that the lengths of jacks vary with their position along the plate. The order of procedure may be: (1) To lay off the plumb cut, just as for a common rafter having the same rise, that is, using 12" on the tongue, and the rise per foot of run on the blade; scribe along the blade. (2) Lay off the side cut or cheek cut. This is done just as in laying off the side cut of the hip rafter on a square cornered building, first method only, Fig. 62. Where a table of common rafter lengths per foot of run is available, Fig. 49, a second method of laying out the side cut of a jack rafter consists in taking 12" on the tongue of the framing square, and the common rafter length per foot of run for the pitch given, on the blade; laying the square across the edge of the rafter and scribing along the blade. (3) Lay off the length of the jack as determined in the next section. (4) Lay off the seat cut just as in laying off the seat cut of the common rafter for the same pitch of roof, Section 18. Equally common is the practice of beginning with the end and seat cuts.

The framing square of Fig. 50 contains data which makes possible the laying out of side cuts for the square cornered building by means of numbers taken upon tongue and blade.

While the ratios of the numbers used upon the tongue and the blade are always the same for any given pitch, different makers of squares use different numbers for side cuts. The student will have to have special directions for each different make of square. These may be gotten from the manufacturers.