Setting Window And Door Frames. Two men usually work together in setting frames, as in fact they do on much other carpentry work. In setting door frames on outer walls (1) the rough floor, etc., must be cut away so that the top of the sill may rest on a level with finished floor when that is in place. (2) When this is done the door sill is carefully leveled, Fig. Ill, and shingle points inserted under the sill where needed to give solidity and support. (3) The casing is given a nail close to the sill at each side of the frame and (4) the sides of the jambs, are plumbed and the casings finish nailed. If the work is carefully done the frame should be square.

Fig. 111. Leveling Door Sill

Fig. 111. Leveling Door Sill.

Where heads of several windows are a given distance from the floor, a stiff stick may be cut this length and used in placing windows in position for height. The window sills will be leveled as are door sills; the jambs are plumbed, Fig. 112, and casings nailed at intervals of about a foot.