Material: Gum wood, whitewood, pine.

This exercise begins in the same manner as the first one; the necessary steps to take in working this out are shown in Fig. 42. After the piece is turned to a cylinder and marked with the dividers, as at C, Fig. 42, proceed to cut off the surplus stock with the gouge, as indicated by dotted lines at C in Fig. 42. Then flare to dimensions given in the working drawing (Fig. 41). (Care should be taken in cutting the ends. Do not cut to the line at first when cutting with the skew chisel, but leave a little to make a finishing cut.) The method of cutting the ends is the same as shown in Figs. 39 and 40.

Exercise II To Turn A Stepped Cylinder 44

Fig. 41.

The end steps of the cylinder are now marked and pared off as in E and F, Fig. 42; the final cutting in the lathe is as shown at G, Fig. 42. Saw off the live-center and dead-center ends and finish at the bench.