Material: Mahogany, birch, cherry

The student should always keep in mind that there is usually more than one way in which a piece of work can be made. The method given with this piece is one that is used extensively in pattern making.

Exercise IX Small Box 70

Fig. 65.

Using glue and paper to mount the work. In preparing the stock for the lathe, proceed as follows : first, secure an iron face plate (two if convenient, one for the bottom, and one for the cover of the box), fasten a wood face plate to it, and turn it true. Cut the corners off the pieces from which the box is to be made, glue a piece of paper on the face plate, then glue the stock to the paper and clamp with a hand screw. When the glue is dry the piece is ready to be turned. Methods of turning are the same as in Exercise V. When the inside and outside of the box is turned, sandpaper, stain, and finish. (Use some of the stains and finishes given in the Appendix.)

Exercise IX Small Box 71

Fig. 66.

To remove the work from the face plate. To remove from the plate, drive a chisel between the face plate and the box. The paper will split. Chuck the work on the plate to finish the bottom.

The inside of the cover should be turned first; this will be the better way, for the groove and flat surface give a better chance for chucking than the rounding side would. Finish the same as the body, then chuck it and turn the outside of the cover, and finish. The use of paper on the face plate does away with all screw holes in the work.