A special form of planer extensively used in boiler shops and shipyards is the plate planer, Fig. 191. It is used for planing the edges of long plates. The plate is securely fastened between the 12 pneumatic jacks and the bed. The tool is held in the carriage seen in the center, which is moved to and fro by the screw, which in turn is driven by the electric motor through the gearing at the left. For starting, stopping, and reversing the direction of the carriage, a shifting rod is arranged along the front of the machine, as shown in the illustration; handles may be moved to positions of convenience for the operator while working on plates of various lengths. The tool holder is so arranged that by the use of one tool, a beveled or a straight cut may be taken in either direction. On the saddle is carried a platform from which the operator may have a constant view of the tool.

Fig. 192. Typical Pillar Shaper

Fig. 192. Typical Pillar Shaper.