Apple scoops. Ash trays.

Bellows boards. Bonbon boxes. Bottle cases. Bottle label rings. Bottle stands. Bowls.

Bread plates. Brush handles. Butter moulds. Butter stands.

Candle dumps. Chimney candlesticks. Candle elevator stands.

Drinking cups. Dumb waiters.

Egg cups and stands. Egg glasses. Epergnes.

Finger plates.

Hand candlesticks. Hat pegs.

Knife rests.

Knobs for doors, drawers, windows, and sticks.

Lamp stands. Lemon squeezers. Liqueur frames.

Menu-holders. Mustard pots.

Napkin rings. Nightlight stands. Nut crackers. Nutmeg graters.

Pepper boxes. Pickle stands. Punch bowls.

Rolling pins.

Salad bowls. Salt cellars. Sodawater stands. Spice boxes. Spill holders. Snuff boxes. Stoppers for bottles. String boxes. Sugar sifters.


Table candlesticks. Table ware. Tea caddys.

Drawing Room

Banner screens. Bases for glass shades.

Candelabra. Candle screens. Card baskets. Card racks. Card trays.

Carte de visite frames, ditto on stands. Chalices. Chandeliers. China bowl stands. Clock cases. Cocoa nut vases. Coquilla nut vases. Cups.

Egg shells as vases. Etageres.

Flower holders. Flower pot stands.

Hanging lamp holders.


Miniature frames.

Ostrich egg vases.

Pagodas. Pedestals.

Pedestals for bronzes. Piano candlesticks. Picture frames. Pot-pourri jars.

Slender ornaments. Standard lamp stands. Stands for China cups, ditto for plates.

Table mirrors.




Wall brackets. Wall light brackets. Wall mirrors. Watch stands. Wax taper stands. What-nots.

Smoking Room

Amber mouthpieces. Ash trays.

Cigar cases. Cigar cutters. Cigar stands. Cigar tubes. Cigarette cases. Cigarette moulds.

Horn and ivory mouthpieces.

Pipe bowls. Pipe stems. Pipe racks. Pipe stands.

Spill pots.

Table lights. Tobacco boxes. Tobacco jars.

Work Table

Bodkins and cases.

Crochet needles.

Embroidery frames. Emery cushions.

Knitting ball holders.

Linen markers.

Needle cases. Netting meshes. Netting needles. Netting vices.

Pin cushions. Purse moulds.

Reels. Reel stands.

Screw pincushion work holders. Silk winding machines. Spinning wheels. Stilettos.

Tambour frames. Tatting needles. Tape measures. Thimbles. Thimble cases.

Wax holders. Winders. Work cases. Work boxes. Worsted ball cases.

Tabular View Of Works In Plain Turning In Wood And Ivory. Toilet

Bonbon boxes. Bonnet stands. Bracelets. Brooches. Bouquet holders. Bottle cases. Buttons.






Folding screens.

Glove stretchers.

Hair rollers. Hand mirrors.

Jewel cases.

Lipsalve boxes. Lockets.

Match boxes. Mirror frames.


Parasol handles. Pincushions. Pin trays. Pocket mirrors. Portable hanging wardrobes. Powder boxes.

Ring holders.

Scarf pins. Scarf rings. Scent bottle stands. Scent boxes. Shaving brushes. Shirt studs. Sleeve links. Solitaire studs. Sovereign boxes.

Study And Scientific


Barometers. Brush penwipers.

Compass cases.

Electrical apparatus. Erasers.


India rubber holders. Inkstands.

Letter balances. Letter holders.

Magnifier frames. Microscope stands.

Opera glasses.

Paper weights. Pedestal for globes. Pencil cases. Penholders. Penracks and cases.


Seal handles. Sundials.

Taper stands.



Telescopes, cases and stands. Thermometers.

Games And Toys

Bandelores. Bagatelle balls. Besique markers. Billiard balls. Billiard chalk cases. Bowls.

Chessmen. Cone to run up hill. Conjuring tricks. Cribbage boards and pegs. Croquet balls. Croquet mallets. Cup and ball.


Dice boxes.


Hoop sticks. Humming tops.

Military tactics.



Pope Joan Boards.

Portable Chessmen.



Solitaire boards. Spinning tops.

Toy, breakfast, dinner, dessert, and tea services.

Whipping tops. Whist counters. Whist markers.


Acoustic instruments.

Bells of speaking tubes.

Castanettes. Chairman's hammers. Chinese balls. Crutches.

Geometrical solids. Gum rings.

Handles for carpenter's tools. Handles for turning tools. Harness rings. Horse cradles.




Musical instruments.

„ clarionettes.

,, drumsticks.

„ flageolettes.

„ flutes.

„ piccolos.

„ oboes and others.

„ violin pegs.

Pestles and mortars. Profile rings.

Solids in ball. Solid profiles. Star in ball.

Turned furniture.

Voice conductors. Violin string boxes.

Walking sticks. Watch rattles. Weights. Whip handles. Whip racks. Whistles.