321.   The circles and loops may be combined together in various ways, according to the requirements of the ease and the convenience of the writer.

322.   Breve-S Joined After. - The small circle may be added after the large circle, and after either of the loops, by striking it on the opposite side of the stem. Examples:


323.  Breve es or est Followed by a Loop. - A loop may be added after the small circle or another small loop in the manner here shown:


324.   Breve-S for "Ings."—When a noun ends in ing, which, according to the rule, is written with the Ing-dot, the plural ending ings is written by putting a detached breve-s in the place of the dot. See the last three words in second line of next Reading Exercise.

325.    Abbreviations with Implied Hook. - Each of the following abbreviations contains a circle in which an En or Er hook is implied :


Key. (1. i) Circumstance, describe, described, description, surprise, experience, intelligence, responsible, responsibility, indispensable, (2) superficial, consequence.

Reading Exercise.


Writing Exercise.

Possesses, successes, boasts, fasts, assists, molests, trusts, frosts, jesters, pastors, musters, registers, down-stairs, raisest. Belongings, meetings.

Mrs. [Ms-S] Jones of Queens, one of-our greatest songsters, always joins in and chants with-the chanters every chance she gets. With coins for counters the gamester counts the points of-the game. Clarence Perkins of Glens Falls turns an honest penny by making discounts and cutting coupons from United-States bonds. Lawrence Dickens from Kansas-City, the prince of punsters, engenders consternation as he pounces on-you with his puns in any place he chances to meet-you. Let us stray away by-this sparkling stream and hear the scream of-the screech owl and strive to gather strength from-the fragrance of-the cedar and-the spruce. It-wou/d surprise and possibly stagger you to-see what-a fine stitcher his youngest sister is getting to-be. Just speak to-her about-the circumstance. Jasper Ransom has mastered the art of making almost every mixture known to ordinary chemistry, and he surely will prosper. The fiercest gnat in-the--world infests the forests and molests and pesters artists and tourists, and possesses the power to annoy even the beasts. He thrusts his fists against-the posts and still insists [Nss-Ts] he sees the ghosts. Captain Foster and Lester Dexter are both great boasters as-well-as jesters.

Reading Exercise.