334.   Final En-curl. - The words than, an, own and in may be written with the final En-curl.

335.   Initial En-curl. - The word in may be written with the initial En-curl.

336.   En-curl in Final Hooks. - The words than, own, and been may be written with an En-curl turned on the inside of the Ter and Vee hooks.



Key. Less-than, faster-than, in-some, rather-than, by-their-own, may-have-been.

Reading Exercise.


Writing Exercise.

0, listen to-the voice of reason, and not be wasting your time in feasting, jesting, and boasting, and possibly sometimes fostering and assisting in treason. The person who struck William Patterson is said to-be in prison at Atchison. Anson Anderson can, talk more nonsense [N-N-] than any-other person on either side-of Mason and Dixon's Line. There-is much vexation and imposition in-our laws regarding taxation, and unless-there-is a cessation, or some relaxation, our position will-he very unpleasant. He inflicted a severe castigation (305) upon-the boy, who, being enveloped in very thick clothing was unflinching in-his manner. They-have-been beaten by-their-own tactics, but rather-than admit it they-will try in-some-way to-cover it up.