(A) Directly

A Directly 284

Connected in a sharp angle with the Line of Head- - Prudence and average common sense.

In all matters of Angles formed by the Lines of Life. Head and Liver, the reader will find full information in my chapter on the Triangle and Quadrangle,

A Directly 285

Closely connected with the Line of Head for quite a while - Diffidence; timidity; extreme sensitiveness about everything concerning self; ultra-conservatism.

This disposition may be successfully fought against and triumphed over if the subject possesses a strong first phalanx of the Thumb and a good, long Line of Head, as the willpower persistently exerted can do wonders.

An Only Love, with Extreme Timidity in Expressing It - A normal Line of Life with a big cross on the Mount of Venus and a Line of Head attached abnormally to the Line of Life at the start and drooping low into a much rayed Mount of the Moon: an excellent Line of Heart starting with a fork on the Mount of Jupiler and a faint Girdle of Venus: the Mount of Venus predominating; the Mount of Saturn quite marked, but the Mounts of Mars missing; the fingers long find knotty and the nails also long and brittle.

"A young man was afflicted with such timidity that, although he had everything in his favor otherwise, he never could muster enough courage to ask for the hand of any young lady. He was deeply in love with one most suitable girl whose parents would have accepted him as a son-in-law for the asking, but no consideration in the world could make him let anyone discover his love, and he remained a bachelor for the rest of his life."

A Directly 286

The Lines of Life. Head and Heart all joined together at the start - An omen of sudden but not necessarily imminent death.

A Wound in the Eye - A line of Heart connected with the Line of Life; and the Line of Head hardly marked at all and running down under the Line of Heart separate from the Line of Life. A prominent Mount of the Sun

"Found in the hands of 2 well known Parisian artist who was wounded in the eye while fencing."

A Directly 287

The connection of the Lines of Life and Heart with a very small or ill-formed Lint of Head always indicates some accident or sudden illness. When the Mount of Jupiter is prominent it indicates rush of blood to the head. If the Mount of Saturn is prominent, a wound in the leg or legs; if the Sun is prominent, wound in the eye; if the Mount of Mercury is prominent, grave and acute bilious trouble; if the Mount of Mars is prominent, quick and fatal lung illness; if the Mount of the Moon is prominent, paralysis; if it is the mount of Venus, the trouble will be due to venereal diseases.

A Directly 288

Connected with the Line of Fate, at the starting point of the latter - The subject's family has ruled his or her existence; if connected farther up the Line of Fate - The influence of the family will be exerted at that date (counted on the Line of Fate).

A Directly 289A Directly 290

If a broken end of the Line joins the Line of Fate - Great danger to life which has been averted, or will be averted by good luck.

A Directly 291

Capillaries from the termination of a short Line of Life to a Line of Fate that starts from where the Line usually terminates - Preservation from the evil consequences of a short Line of Life.

Interesting Case Of Great Longevity

A Line of Lite broken in both hands at 60 is con-irectt'd at its abrupt ter-mination. by many capillary lines, with a very fine Line of Fate which starts from the Raseette and turns around the thumb Just where the Line of Life ought to have been; an excellent Line of Liver,

Interesting Case Of Great Longevity 292

"An old man of 85 years of age had those markings in his hands; he had been very ill between 60 and 65, but had fully reccovered and was still feeling hale and hearty."

Connected with the Line of the Sun - at the starting point of the latter, and in both hands - Success in art, music or literature. Brilliant fortune.

The type of the subject and his or her aptitudes, judged at an earlier period of the examination, will settle whether talent or money is to be read on that particular Line of the Sun. Sometimes, both.

Interesting Case Of Great Longevity 293Interesting Case Of Great Longevity 294

Connected with the Line of Liver - Weak general health, and with a narrow Quadrangle due to the Line of Heart curving toward the Line of Head - Fainting fits.

Interesting Case Of Great Longevity 295

Connected with the Via Lasciva. especially if the latter starts inside the Mount of Venus and is wavy and long - Lasciviousness; often life shortened by sensual excesses.

(b) By Means of Minor tires.

Interesting Case Of Great Longevity 296

The Line, at its termination, covered up, so to speak, by a number of confused lines that connect it with a Line of Fate much cut up at the start - Poor health in old age due to privations in the early portion of the subject's life.

See Chapter on Lines of Influence lor Further indication of a similar nature.