Bar-Le-Duc, Or Bar-Snr-Ornain, the capital of the department of Meuse, France, and in the middle ages of the duchy of Bar, on the

Bar le Duc.


Ornain, 125 m. E. of Paris, on the railway from Paris to Strasburg, and the canal from the Marne to the Rhine; pop. in 1866, 15,334. The old town was anciently fortified, with a strong castle of the dukes of Lorraine, the ruins of which are yet to be seen, and had some historical importance, being the capital of the duchy of Bar, and the birthplace of Francis, duke of Guise, surnamed le Balafre, of Marshal Oudinot, and Gen. Excelmans. It contains some old public buildings; in one of the churches is the celebrated monument of Rene de Chalons, prince of Orange, by Richier, pupil of Michel Angelo. The new town, which stands lower on the river bank, has establishments for manufacturing cotton stuffs, handkerchiefs, hosiery, hats, and jewelry, with tanneries. Its preserved fruits, and especially its confitures de groseilles, are highly esteemed, as well as its sparkling wine. The Ornain being navigable from the town, it has a considerable trade in forwarding timber, wine, and other articles for the supply of Paris.