Bassano, Or Hassan. I. Francesco da Ponte, the head of a school of painters, called the Bassans, born in 1475, died in Bassano in 1530. He studied in Venice under Giovanni Bellini, and painted frescoes superior to those of his master. His best composition is a "Descent of the Holy Ghost," in a church at Oliero, near Bassano. He is called the elder Bassano, to distinguish him from his son. II. Giacomo da Ponte, commonly called IL Bassano, son and pupil of the preceding, the most celebrated member of the family, born in 1510, died in Venice in 1592. He derived his principal education from the cartoons of Parmigiano, and in copying Bonifazio and Titian. His picture of the "Nativity," in the church of San Giuseppe at Bassano, is his masterpiece, and a celebrated work in force of colors and chiaroscuro. III. Francesco, called the younger, son of the preceding, born in 1548, died in 1591. He was employed with Tintoretto in the palace of St. Mark, and executed there several frescoes after Paul Veronese. His best works are the fresco ceiling of the palace of the doges at Venice, representing the capture of Pavia.