I. John George

John George, an English jurist, born at Shiplake house, Oxfordshire, in 1809, died there, April 27, 1865. He was for some time a professor in the Middle Temple, London, and in 1852 he was elected to parliament. His principal works are: "Introduction to the Study of Roman Law " (London, 1848); "History of the Law of Evidence" (1850); "Principles and Maxims of Jurisprudence" (1856); " Private Law among the Romans from the Pandects" (1863); and "History of England during the Reign of George III." (1863).

II. Sir Robert Joseph

Sir Robert Joseph, an English jurist, brother of the preceding, born in London, Nov. 5, 1810. He graduated at Oxford in 1831, and in 1862 became advocate general in admiralty, in 1867 judge of the high court of admiralty, and in 1871 judge advocate general. He was in parliament from 1853 to 1857. He has published " Study of the Civil and Canon Law " (1843); an edition of Lord George Lyttelton's "Memoirs and Correspondence" (1845); "Law of •Domicile" (1847); "Commentaries on International Law" (4 vols., 1854-'61); and "The Ecclesiastical Law of the Church of England" (2 vols., 1873).