I. A N. E. County Of Nova Scotia, Canada

Canada A N. E. County Of Nova Scotia, bordering on Northumberland strait; area, 1,126 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 32,114, of whom 27,165 were of Scotch, 1,974 of Irish, 1,719 of English, and 758 of Swiss origin or descent. The surface is generally level, and is intersected by numerous streams. The soil is very fertile. The county contains limestone and rich mines of coal and iron ore. It is traversed by the Pictou branch of the Intercolonial railway.

II. A Town

A Town, capital of the county, at the head of a harbor of its own name, opening into Northumberland strait, and at the E. terminus of the Pictou branch of the Intercolonial railway, 80 m. N. N. E. of Halifax; pop. in 1871, 3,462. It is situated in a fertile and well cultivated district, containing extensive coal mines and quarries of building stone, and is well built and lighted with gas. The harbor is very fine. At the S. side of its entrance is a lighthouse, with a fixed light 65 ft. above the sea. Large quantities of coal are exported. The value of imports for the year ending June 30,1874, was $375,136; of exports, $266,310. The number of entrances was 238, tonnage 102,192; clearances 218, tonnage 79,953. The town contains two steam carding mills, two tobacco factories, an iron foundery, several saw and grist mills, tanneries, etc, three branch banks, a number of stores, an academy, a library, a weekly newspaper, and several churches.