Robert Aspland, an English dissenting minister, born in Cambridgeshire, Jan. 23, 1782, died Dec. 30, 1845. In 1799 he entered the university of Aberdeen, but in the following year he resigned his scholarship on account of the change in his theological opinions, which prevented him from remaining longer a beneficiary upon a Calvinistic endowment. For a year or two he tried to occupy himself with trade, but he soon resumed his theological pursuits, and in 1801 was ordained pastor of the General Baptist congregation at Newport, Isle of Wight, with liberty to preach Unitarian doctrines. He was then not 20 years old. In 1805 he was installed pastor of the Gravel Pit chapel, Hackney, where he continued until his death. Mr. Aspland stood for years at the head of the active Unitarian clergy of England. In 1806 he established a religious magazine, the "Monthly Repository," and took the lead in founding the Unitarian fund society for the support of popular preaching and the relief of indigent ministers. In 1815 he established the "Christian Reformer," a monthly magazine of considerable influence.

The list of his publications numbers 50, and since his death a volume of sermons and several pamphlets from his pen have been edited by his son.