Robert Burton, an English clergyman and author, born at Lindley, Leicestershire, Feb. 8, 1576, died in Oxford in .1639 or 1640, about the time which, having cast his own nativity, he had himself predicted. His family were ancient and wealthy. In 1593 he went to the university of Oxford, and was elected student of Christ Church in 1599. Having taken orders, he obtained a college living, and in 1628 was presented by Lord Berkeley to the rectory of Se-grave in Leicestershire. He composed the " Anatomy of Melancholy " in order, it is said, to distract his own mind from mournful reflections. This book, published in 1621, passed through five editions in its author's lifetime, and has repeatedly been reprinted since. Sterne seems to have used it almost as a commonplace book. Dr. Johnson said it was the only book that ever took him out of bed two hours sooner than he wished to rise. Byron called it the most exciting and instructive medley of quotations and classical anecdotes he ever perused. Burton left his books to be divided between the Bodleian and Christ Church libraries, and £100 to each to purchase books.