I. A S. County Of Wisconsin

A S. County Of Wisconsin, bordering on Illinois, intersected N. and S. nearly in the middle by Rock river, and drained by its branches; area, about 750 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 39,030. Its surface is nearly level, with much prairie, especially E. of Rock river, which is nearly all occupied by Rock prairie; and the soil is very fertile. It is intersected by the Wisconsin division of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, the Western Union, and the Prairie du Chien division of the Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad. The chief productions in 1870 were 865,048 bushels of wheat, 120,965 of rye, 1,137,304 of Indian corn, 1,173,714 of oats, 204,998 of barley, 26,-864 of buckwheat, 442,151 of potatoes, 52,-122 tons of hay, 645,508 lbs. of tobacco, 264,-446 of wool, 1,043,169 of butter, 36,110 of cheese, 12,785 of hops, and 20,653 of honey. There were 13,995 horses, 12,852 milch cows, 14,861 other cattle, 62,193 sheep, and 23,438 swine; 8 manufactories of agricultural implements, 23 of carriages and wagons, 6 of cheese, 5 of furniture, 4 of iron castings, 3 of machinery, 8 of brick and stone, 3 of sash, doors, and blinds, 3 of woollen goods, 8 flour mills, and 4 distilleries.

Capital, Janesville.

II. The S. W. County Of Minnesota

The S. W. County Of Minnesota, bordering S. on Iowa and W. on Dakota; area, 432 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 138. It has a rolling surface, and is drained by tributaries of the Big Sioux and Rock rivers.