Samuel Hulbeart Turner, an American clergyman, born in Philadelphia, Jan. 23, 1790, died in New York, Dec. 21, 1861. He graduated at the university of Pennsylvania in 1807, studied theology, and was ordained deacon in the Protestant Episcopal church, Jan. 27, 1811. He became rector of the church at Chestertown, Md., in 1812, resigned in 1817, and officiated for a time in New York and Brooklyn. In 1818 he was elected professor of historic theology in the general theological seminary in New York, and in 1821 of Biblical learning and the interpretation of Scripture. From 1830 he was in addition professor of Hebrew in Columbia college. He published " Notes on the Epistle to the Romans " (1824); "Companion to the Book of Genesis" (1841); "Biographical Notices of Jewish Rabbis " (1847); "Parallel References of the New Testament" (1848); "Essay on our Lord's Discourse at Capernaum " (1851); "Thoughts on Scriptural Prophecy" (1852); commentaries on Romans, Hebrews, Ephesians, and Galatians (1852-6); "Teachings of the Master" (1858); "Spiritual Things compared with Spiritual" (1859); "The Gospels according to the Ammonian Sections and the Tables of Eusebius" (1861); and, in conjunction with Bishop Whittingham, "Introduction to the Old Testament," from the Latin and German of Jahn (1827), and "Introduction to Sacred Philology and Interpretation," from the German of Planck (1834). His "Autobiography " was published in 1862.