I. Antoinette Sophie

Antoinette Sophie, a German actress, born in Paderborn, Feb. 29, 1781, died in Munich, Feb. 25, 1868. She was a daughter of the comedian Burger, and became a celebrated tragedian, excelling as Phaedra, Medea, and Lady Macbeth, and successively performing at Hamburg, Vienna, and Munich. Her last public appearance was at the Schiller centenary in 1859, when she recited the "Song of the Bell." She was separated from her first husband, the actor Stollmers or Smets, soon after their marriage in 1795; the singer Friedrich Schroder, who married her in 1804, died in 1818; and she did not live long with her third husband, the actor Kunst. - See Sophie Schröder, by P. Schmidt (Vienna, 1870).

II. Wilhelmine Schroder-Devrient

Wilhelmine Schroder-Devrient, a German singer, daughter of the preceding, born in Hamburg, Dec. 6, 1804, died in Gotha, Jan. 26, 1860. In her childhood she performed as a ballet dancer; in her 15th year she appeared at Vienna in Racine's Phèdre; and in the following year she displayed great genius as a singer, and soon eclipsed all other prima donnas by her powerful voice and her excellent acting, especially in Fidelio, Euryanthe, Norma, La sonnambula, as Romeo, as Desdemona, and as Valentine in the "Huguenots." In 1828 she was separated from her first husband, Karl August Devrient, and subsequently at Dresden from her second husband, the Saxon officer Döring, after which she married the Livonian nobleman Von Bock. - See Wilhelmine Schröder, by Wolzogen (Leipsic, 1863).