Wilhelm Dindorf, a German philologist, born in Leipsic, Jan. 21, 1802. His father was professor of oriental languages at the university in his native city, which he entered in 1817, and where he continued, when not more than 17 years old, the commentary and scholia on Aristophanes begun by Beck. He published subsequently a new edition of the Greek author (Leipsic, 1820-'28), and received in 1828 a professorship of the history of literature at Leipsic. He began his lectures in 1830, but resigned the chair in 1833 in order to devote himself entirely to classical labors. He went to Paris, and edited there, in conjunction with his brother and Hase, Stephens's Thesaurus Groecoe Linguoe (1829-'63). He is one of the principal editors of Didot's Bi-bliotheque des clas-siques grecs, and of the Oxford and Teub-ner's (Leipsic) editions of Greek classics. - His brother Ludwig, born Jan. 3, 1805, is specially known as the editor of the writings of Xenophon, Diodorus Siculus, Pau-sanias, and of the chronography of Joannes Malalas.