William Peter Strickland, an American clergyman, born in Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 17, 1809. He was educated at the Ohio university, Athens, O., entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church in 1832, labored several years in Cincinnati, and then became agent of the American Bible society. In 1850 the Ohio university conferred on him the degree of D. D. In 1856 he removed to New York, where he engaged in literary labor, mostly in connection with the Methodist book concern. In 1862 he was chaplain of the 48th New York regiment, stationed at Port Royal, S. C. Since 1866 he has been pastor of the Presbyterian church in Bridgehampton, L. I. His principal publications are: "History of the American Bible Society" (New York, 1849; new ed., with history continued, 1856); "History of Methodist Missions" (1850); "Genius and Mission of Methodism" (1851); "Christianity Demonstrated" (1852); "Memoir of the Rev. James B. Finley" (1853); "A Manual of Biblical Literature" (1853); " The Light of the Temple " (Cincinnati, 1854); "the Astrologer of Chaldea" (1856); "Pioneers of the West" (New York, 1856); "Life of the Rev. Francis Asbury" (1858); "Life of Jacob Gruber " (1859); and "Old Mackinaw" (Philadelphia, 1860).