Antoine Joseph Le Fevre De La Barre

Antoine Joseph Le Fevre De La Barre, a French naval officer, died May 4, 1688. He was appointed governor of Guiana in 1663, and retook Cayenne from the Dutch. In 1667 he was created lieutenant general, and defeated the English in the Antilles, forcing them to raise the blockade of St. Christopher. In 1682 he was appointed governor of Canada, taking the place of the count de Frontenac. He was, however, recalled about 1684, for having by his irresolution caused the failure of the expedition to treat with the savages. He published a work on Guiana, entitled Description de la France equinoxiale (1666), and Journal oVun voyage a Cayenne.

Antoine Louis Janet-Lange

Antoine Louis Janet-Lange, a French painter, born in Paris about 1818, died there in 1872. He studied under Collin, Ingres, and Horace Ver-net, adopted the style of the latter, and became distinguished for 'historical and military pieces. Conjointly with Vernet he executed in 1843 designs illustrating the history of Napoleon I. One of his finest works represents " Nero contesting the Prize at the Chariot Race " (1855), and his subsequent productions include illustrations of Solferino (1861-'3) and " An Episode of the Siege of Puebla " (1868).

Antoine Perrenot

See Granvelle.

Antoine Rene Le Sage

See Le Sage.

Antoine Tenant Do Latour

Antoine Tenant Do Latour, a French author, born at St. Yrieix in 1808. He studied at Dijon, and at the normal school in Paris, under Michelet, and subsequently became professor in various colleges and a preceptor of the duke of Montpensier, in whose service he remained in exile, as secretary, after the revolution of 1848. He has published several volumes of poems and miscellaneous writings, and has translated into French Le mie prigioni of Silvio Pellico, the memoirs of Alfieri, and the dramatic and epic poetry of Manzoni. Among his other works are: Seville et l'Andalousie (2 vols., Paris, 1855); Tolede et les bords du Tage (1860); L' Espagne religieuse et litteraire (1863); Etudes litteraires sur l' Espagne con-temporaine (1864); and Espagne, traditions, mosurs et litterature (1873). Two volumes of his translation of Calderon appeared in 1873.

Antoine Xavier Gabriel De Ga-Zeau La Bouere

Antoine Xavier Gabriel De Ga-Zeau La Bouere, count de, a French painter, born at La Bouere, department of Maine-et-Loire, Oct. 1, 1801. He is a son of a Vendean general of the same name, and was aide-de-camp in Spain in 1823, and in Algeria in 1830. Subsequently he studied painting, and exhibited many pictures under the name of Tancrede de La Bouere, including "Views of Algiers," "Ruins of Thebes," "The Desert of Suez," "The Valley of Tombs in Nubia," " Ruins of Kar-nak," " The Pontine Marshes," and others, which are in the Luxembourg and some provincial galleries, and the museum at Copenhagen. His "Views of the Alhambra" have been purchased by the government.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer, a German jurist, born in Got-tingen, Aug. 16, 1772, died there, June 1, 1843. He was a professor in Marburg and in Gottin-gen, and in 1840 was appointed privy judiciary councillor. His principal works are: Lehrbuch dea Naturrechta (Marburg, 1808; 3d ed., Got-tingen, 1825); Grundzuge dea philoaophiachen Strafrechta (1825); and Lehrbuch dea Straf-proceaaea, a revised edition of a previous work (Gottingen, 1835; 2d ed., 1848).