Gabriel Metzu

Gabriel Metzu, a Dutch painter, born in Ley-den in 1615, died there in 1658, or according to some authorities in 1669. In his youth he settled in Amsterdam, where he rose to eminence as a genre painter, being distinguished for minute imitation of nature. He painted a few portraits, including one of Admiral Van Tromp now in the Louvre. His pictures bring very high prices.

Gabriello Barletta

Gabriello Barletta, an Italian preacher, born at Barletta, lived in the second half of the 15th century. He was a Benedictine monk, and rendered himself very famous both by his eloquence and eccentricity. He had a habit of inserting between the clauses of the liturgy practical comments and sharp personal illustrations. Though his style of preaching was not in good taste, it was very effective, and the esteem in which he was held was expressed by the proverb, Nescitprae-dicare, qui nescit bar-lettare. A collection of his sermons passed-through about 20 editions.

Gaetano Balitfi

Gaetano Balitfi, an Italian prelate, born in Ancona, March 29, 1788, died in Imola, Nov. 11, 1866. He spent a considerable time as nuncio in South America, and is said to have been accompanied by the abbe Mastai Ferretti, afterward Pius IX., whom he succeeded as bishop of Imola, and was appointed cardinal Dec. 21, 1846, and archbishop in 1860. His "Religious History of America" (Rome, 1848) contains new and interesting documents, which he found chiefly at Bogota. A French translation of his "Divinity of the Church manifested by its Charity, or Universal Outline of Roman Catholic Charity," was published in 1858 by the^abbe Postel (2 vols., Paris).

Gaetano Majorano

See Caffarelli.

Gailaune Antoine Olivier

Gailaune Antoine Olivier, a French entomologist, born at Les Arcs, near Toulon, Jan. 19, 1756, died in Lyons, Oct. 1, 1814. He graduated M. D. at Montpellier, and afterward gave his attention exclusively to the natural sciences. In 1792 he and Bruguieres were sent by government on a scientific mission to Persia, returning in 1798; and Olivier published Voyage dans l'empire ottoman, l'Egypte et la Perse (6 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1801-7). His Histoire na-turelle dcs coleopter'es, of which the first part appeared in 1789, was brought to a conclusion in 1808, in 6 vols. 4to, with 363 plates. His Dictionnahcde l'Mstoire naturelle des insectes, papillaris, crustacées, etc. (7 vols. 4to, 1789-1825), was completed after his death.

Gallus Jakob Baumgartner

Gallus Jakob Baumgartner, a Swiss politician and historian, born at Altstatten, Oct. 18, 1797, died in St. Gall in July, 1869. He was the son of a mechanic, studied law, and became prominent as a leader of the liberal party in St. Gall till about 1841, when his alliance with the ultramontanes diminished his popularity, though his eloquence and executive ability led to his being chosen in 1843, and again in 1857-"60, as a member of various legislative bodies. He wrote Die Schweiz in ihren Kdmpfen und Umgestaltungen von 1830 bis 1850 (4 vols., Zurich, 1853-'66).