Hendrik Bary

Hendrik Bary, a Dutch engraver of the 17th century. His productions are remarkable for neatness of execution, though inferior to those of Cornelius Vischer. Among them are excellent engravings of the portrait of Grotius, of several Dutch admirals, and of an allegorical picture by Vandyke, representing "Summer and Autumn."

Hendrik Corneliszoon Tollens

Hendrik Corneliszoon Tollens, a Dutch poet, born in Rotterdam, Sept. 24, 1780, died in Ryswick, Oct. 21, 1856. He was intended for trade, but in 1800 began publishing poetry, and finally became one of the most celebrated national bards. His masterpieces include a narrative poem on Barentz's expedition to Nova Zembla (new ed., 1844), dramatic works, and patriotic lyrics, especially the Wapenkreet (1815). His Gezamenilijke dichtwerken comprise 8 vols. (Leeuwarden, 1855-7).

Hendrik Van Balen

Hendrik van Balen, a Flemish painter, born in Antwerp in 1560, died there in 1632. He was a pupil of Adam von Oort, the teacher of Rubens, perfected his art in Italy, and became the instructor of Vandyke and Snyders, and the first of Flemish painters who succeeded in purity of coloring. His cabinet pictures, chiefly classical subjects, with landscapes by Jan Breughel and Kierings, enjoyed great popularity. Altar pieces of his are in the Antwerp cathedral.


Henlopen , Cape. See Cape Henlopen.

Henri Alexis Brialmont

Henri Alexis Brialmont, a Belgian military writer, born at Venloo, May 25, 1821. He is the son of Gen. Laurent Mathieu Brialmont, ex-minister of war. In 1843 he left the military academy at Brussels with the rank of sub-lieutenant. He was employed as engineer in fortifying Diest and Antwerp. In 1847 he became connected with the ministry of war, attaining in 1861 the rank of major. His principal work is the Considerations politiques et militaires sur la Belgique (3 vols., Brussels, 1851-'2). His Histoire du due de Wellington (3 vols., 1856-7) is also a work of some importance.

Henri Bonaventnre Monnier

Henri Bonaventnre Monnier, a French author, born in Paris, June 6, 1799. He was a clerk in the ministry of justice when he began to study painting under Girodet. lie acquired celebrity as a writer of illustrated works, with exquisite caricatures, and especially by his Scenes populaires (1830), Noutelles scenes populaires (5 vols., 1835-62), and Memoires de Joseph Prudhomme (new ed., 2 vols., 1857). He wrote and personated the principal part in Grandeur et decadence de M. Joseph Prudhomme (1852); and in his equally entertaining vaudeville Roman cliez la portiere (1855) he personated the portiere.

Henri Boulainvilliers

Henri Boulainvilliers, count de, a French historian, born at Saint-Saire, Normandy, Oct. 11, 1658, died Jan. 23, 1722. He asserted that France as a nation was indebted for its power to the feudal system, which in his opinion was the " masterpiece of human genius." His His-toire de Vancien gouvernement de la France (the Hague, 1727) set forth this theory, and he wrote many other works.