Cassano. I. A town of S. Italy, in the province of Cosenza, 10 m. W. of the gulf of Ta-rento, on the railroad which skirts the E. shore of Calabria; pop. about 8,000. It is built in the concave recess of a steep mountain, round an isolated rock, on which are the.ruins of an ancient castle. It is the see of a bishop, and contains a cathedral, four convents, and an episcopal seminary; hot sulphurous springs and plaster and stone quarries are in the vicinity. The inhabitants are principally employed in the manufacture of macaroni, leather, table linens, and fabrics of cotton and silk. It is supposed to stand on the site of the ancient Cosa; according to some authorities, however, the neighboring village of Civita occupies the real site of the ancient town. II. A town of N. Italy, on the Adda, 16 m. N. E. of Milan; pop. about 3,500. A battle was fought here, Sept. 16, 1259, which resulted in the defeat and capture of the tyrant Ezzelino. On Aug. 16, 1705, a victory was gained here by the French under Vendome, over the imperial troops under Prince Eugene; and on April 27, 1799, the French, under Moreau, were defeated here by the Russians and Austrians, under Suvaroff.